Why People Vote Against Their Perceived Best Interests


I will interrupt my series on why blacks kill each other in order to explain the topical conundrum of why a person would vote for a candidate or party that espouses views and policies that are contrary to that individual's self-interests.

By a strange quirk in human nature a person can have great concern over his life without having any real interest in his life.  This is the case with anyone who lives from an artificial or invented identity and not their true center of being.  Living from lies and illusions about themselves they effortlessly accept the mendacity of others.  It is impossible to deceive a conscious human who no longer lives in self-deception.

Politicians are experts at appealing to a person's imaginary self.

There are many forms of counterfeit selves from which people live.  Some live from the deceitful perspective of an ethically superior self.  Others from a future self that projects it's imagined happiness onto the outcome of an anticipated personal event.  While still others fearfully exist from an agonizingly painful and alienating otherness self based upon their physical construction.  These are just a few of the many selves that leave a person in self-conflict and self-contradiction. 

I favor no political persuasion or opinions, but I am aware of the reasons why humans trend the way that they do in their regard for political representation.

From a political point of view, let's look at the specific example of one strongly advocated partisan idea; that tax cuts for the wealthy are a good thing and should be mindlessly embraced by the poor and the working class.  In yesterday's Chicago Tribune, columnist Clarence Page noted the various studies that showed that rural southern white males were as educationally and economically disadvantaged as their African-American counterparts.  However, they overwhelmingly see themselves as staunch allies of the political entity that endorses a skewed notion that runs counter to clear intuition that is not blocked by conditioned thinking.  This is a classic case of sacrificing true interests for the preservation of the imaginary self that believes that one political party is more diligent than another at protecting their illusory racial identity.  Preserving the illusory racial identity trumps any aspect of sound decision-making.  Clarence Page could not come out and make the direct connection, fearful of offending others; however I am under no such constraints.

Esoterically speaking, in order to keep a human being in the gutter it is essential that you, yourself, get and stay in the psychological gutter with him.  This is a form of self-slapping that is beyond the perception of most.

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