Why Blacks Kill Each Other & How to Cease Ire (Part 2)


As I stated in my last blog, African-Americans have a socially engineered mind unlike any on the planet.   Not even the theatrical minds of the North Korean citizenry, so publicly on display during the recent death of their last leader, can match the centuries that the black psyche has had in being influenced and shaped by powerful determinant factors in every facet of it's existence.

Historically speaking, when most slave-owning societies released those held in bondage, they were allowed to commingle with their former captors so that the traumatic psychological effects of being enslaved were not passed on to succeeding generations.  There were no great physical differences between slave and slave owner.  However, in the United States, slaves and their progeny had easily identifiable physical characteristics that allowed the dominant society to keep them isolated, marginalized and hermetically sealed from the larger society for many decades after their physical emancipation.  That is why the mind of the slave that was in a perpetual state of pain is in full effect today in the descendents of those slaves.

Without my having to mention it, everyone knows that slavery was a very violent, immoral, brutal and evil institution.  However, what must also be acknowledged is that it created like-minded people on both ends of the whip.  Through the process of being humanly violated, coerced and learned behavior became the norm and human morality was non-existent.  Human morality is the art of regulating your behavior according to the promise of a reward or the threat of punishment.  With blacks, the rewards were few or meager and the punishment was swift and certain; so why bother teaching or learning morality. 

Among the blacks in the Chicagoland area, this region is called "Mississippi North" because most originally come from the State of Mississippi.  Slave owners, their cohorts and descendants in Mississippi were the most extreme practitioners of slavery and it's aftermath in the entire South.  This extremely brutal environment produced the most debilitated mind among the black population.  In this environment blacks were trained to value violence as a means of solving personal problems and achieving a goal.  This became a cultural value passed on from one generation to another.       



One black sees (with his mind's eye) and hates in another black what he has, but cannot  see and hates in himself.

Once again, as this is of paramount importance to know and understand; because we live in a universe that is governed by definite spiritual and psychological principles that are hidden from most. 

One black sees and hates in another black what he has but cannot see and hates in himself.

This is the crux of all of the violence, jealousy, stagnation and dysfunction in the black community.  The above esoteric statement proves that all hatred is self-hatred.  This is the turning of the psychological mirror back on yourself and shockingly rejecting what you see.  The anger and violence is an emotionalized projection of unseen states within the aggressor.  What are these unseen states?  They are all of the psychological weaknesses and fears that are at enmity with the true expressions (love being at the core) of a person's humanity; which keeps him in conflict with himself and, therefore, disharmony with others.

Another esoteric fact, which is beyond the perception of unconscious minds, is that when you surrender your dignity and humanity to another, you automatically dwell in utter contempt of  yourself.  This is why most individuals will fight to the death rather than allow themselves to be dominated by another to the extent of having absolute power over their life, fortune and liberty.  They, intuitively, absolutely refuse to distance themselves from the reality of self-love.  All humans who lack a spiritually atuned mind possess self-dislike to some degree.  However, the most virulent and persistent strains of self-loathing are reserved for those who consent to die a spiritual death in order to preserve their physical existence.

Perceiving the root cause of hatred, arrogance and a sense of superiority now clears up many mysteries which use to puzzle and disturb us.  We now know that we should never take offenses against us personally, because our new-found higher understanding of human nature tells us that if we didn't exist, that troublesome person would be pouring out his or her repressed self-hatred on another unsuspecting individual.   For instance we can now see that Hitler did not really hate Jews so much as he hated himself.  I can break this down further with his explicit reason for self-hatred for those who are singularly interested in knowing why.  Just email me.

There is only one cure for a mind that is trapped in the torment of a perpetual state of self-contempt.  Any other futile remedies based upon thoughtless wishful thinking or egotistical self-interests will do more harm than good.  You can't throw money at this problem or pray it away.  My final blog on this subject will reveal the only possible solution.

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  • A thoughtful analysis which this white man never quite thought before. Now if only such epiphanies could be actuated in the life of our divided city. Not likely on my lifetime...but I hope in yours....

  • Interesting to say the least.

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