Why Blacks Kill Each Other & How to Cease Ire (Part 1)

In order to accomplish a task or make a discovery that does not conform to known false solutions, it is essential that you shed your fear, vanity and false loyalties

In keeping with the spirit of the recently concluded Chicago Ideas Week, I present to you, in three parts, a novel perception that intuitively explains why blacks kill each other and the only possible remedy to this social tragedy which has painfully gripped parts of Chicago this year.  In the several decades since the much-publicized murders of two young blacks in Chicago, Dantrell Davis and Robert "Yummy" Sandifer, thousands more have been killed. Unless radical new-thought ideas are adopted we can expect to see many more years of the same.  There is no nice-guy way of finding answers to this seemingly intractable problem.  Only the harsh light of the Truth can provide real and permanent solutions regarding human unhappiness.  To seek elsewhere is but a waste of resources, time and effort.

It is inevitable that we will need to discuss certain subjects (that some sensitive minds may not want to broach) in order to discover the source of the mental dysfunction that produces the undesirable action.  Let us use esoteric principles to arrive at the root cause of the grievous way of thinking that presently afflicts many Chicago neighborhoods.  This means that we will not look to the outer world for solutions to inner problems.

As a first step, I feel that it would be instructive to contrast the mind of President Obama's with that of a typical African-American (male).  And, yes it is true that blacks in America have a mindset unlike any other group of people on the planet, it is singular in it's uniqueness.  In 2004 when an unknown state senator from Illinois, running for the United States Senate, gave a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention he stated that there was not a black America and a white America; which is true in physical terms, but untrue from a psychological standpoint.

To bring my above assertion into proper perspective, I refer to an article in the June 24, 2004 edition of the New York Times where scholars such as Henry Louis Gates expressed frustration in trying to figure out why native-born blacks of slave descent were conspicuously absent from university and college programs specifically created to benefit them.  The scholars anguished over the fact that the programs were overwhelmingly populated by foreign-born blacks or the sons and daughters of recent immigrants of color.  Professor Gates stated in the article that he would like to know what the quasi-interlopers in those programs possessed so that he could bottle it and pass it on to legacy native-born blacks.  The fact is, that it is not what the strivers possessed that made them successful; it is what they lacked.  Unconscious humans always wrongly think in terms of adding something to humans to make them happy.  HAPPINESS IS A RIDDING PROCESS.  The strivers lacked the highly unusual, conditioned, unconscious black racialized mind.  Professor Gates was engaging in an activity which is common to intellectuals.  He was asking a question related to human happiness, but unable to supply an answer.  That is the function of the intellect; to propose all sorts of questions which are beyond itself, which forces the mind to higher fields of consciousness where esoteric wisdom abides.  No amount of accumulated academic knowledge can protect the unconscious racialized mind from the assaults of its conditioned thinking and frozen concepts, such as the ones that contributed to the incident that inspired the " White House beer summit" that Professor Gates participated in years later.

The author David Maraniss, who recently penned an authorized biography about President Obama, unequivocally stated in a television interview and the next night in a live lecture at the Harold Washington Library, that the president was fortunate not to have his father in his life or he quite possibly could have turned out differently.  It is a well documented fact that his father was a womanizer, alcoholic, wife-beater and child abuser.  So young Barack was better off having dreams of his father rather than the actual dreaded physical presence of him.

I go beyond the assertions of David Maraniss to state emphatically that from the standpoint of how he is racially identified, Barack Obama's greatest asset is not what he has, but what he lacks.  He lacks the unconscious black racialized mind with all of it's self-defeating attributes.  He does not possess the inner self-structure that burdens the typical African-American who is descended from slaves and mentally conditioned by his forebears.  It is impossible to overestimate the importance of objectively discerning this obvious and fundamental fact.  President Obama intuitively understood this in his driving ambition to attain higher office.  The concept of race itself is irrational and illusory.  Any attempt to find an inner identity based upon the superficialities of your physical appearance produces awkwardness and delusional behavior.

So, we see that Barack Obama has been in the unique position of not needing to unlearn self-damaging ideas about life and himself.  Viewing him as an African-American our intellectual knowledge of his early circumstances reveal his uniqueness in that he was born and raised outside the continental United States far from the insidious influences of institutional racism and the everyday pressures of personal prejudices.  But more importantly he had virtually no exposure to unique African-American mental characteristics during his formative years, since he had no African-American relatives and very few African-Americans lived in Hawaii.  It was also to his mother's everlasting credit and his future benefit that she took him to Indonesia at a critical juncture in his psychological development, where environmental factors were absent that would have inspired self-imposed mental limitations.  His early years were spent in virtual isolation from contact with the minds of traditional African-Americans.

As perceived on the esoteric level, Obama values an honest relationship with one woman which allows him to concentrate his mental forces on constructive and productive pursuits, not transient ego-gratifications that produce inner stress and outer hypocrisy.  I repeat, he does not fear having an honest relationship with one woman.  This virtue keeps him grounded in the Garden of Eden (consciousness).  Secondly, and just as important, he does not dwell in that part of the mind that divides everything into opposites; black and white, inferior and superior, friend and enemy, Democrat and Republican, Christian and Muslim, etc.--being prideful in one and intransigent and fearful toward the other.  In other words, he does not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (unconsciousness).  This means that he does not fear being without rigid socio-political-cultural-racial loyalties and attitudes.  This psychological asset and intuitive influence allows him to make decisions that are not tied to habitual conditioned thinking, but rather present consciousness, which keeps the mind balanced, whole and unified; being aware of both sides of a human-level idea without being emotionally charged or negatively impacted by either.

The typical African-American mind possesses psychological fears that are absent from the mind of President Obama.  I have just mentioned two in the preceding paragraph.  In my years of research I have identified many others.  If I receive a favorable response from my readership, I will list the top ten psychological fears that are common to blacks along with a brief explanation for each one in a subsequent blog.

As promised in my first blog, my nest blog post will explore the intellectual (historical) and esoteric (intuitive) reasons why blacks are quick to commit unrestrained acts of violence against each other.

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