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I am writing this blog to explain the cause and provide answers to human level problems; locally or anywhere else in the universe.  The wording will be precise, concise and clear; devoid of psycho-babble or airy erudition.   

A problem is any event or circumstance, real or imagined that we give power to deprive us of our natural birthright to be happy and healthy human beings.  All difficulties have their source in individual ignorance of the true nature and meaning of love, happiness and freedom.  When financial matters confound and upset, it is because people are unaware of the true purpose and only power of money.  Let us not be fooled by thoughtless thinking on these most vital of human subjects.  Unconscious humans, not having a higher perception of the aforementioned attributes will always be compulsively driven toward greed, destructive ambition and cruelty toward others.

To successfully escape from socially conditioned ideas about love, happiness, freedom and the purpose of money requires us to think in new and more productive ways.  This is accomplished by virtue of the principles of Esoteric Wisdom.  Esoteric wisdom confers the possessor with an intuitive grasp of Truth above and beyond intellectual reasoning.  Any subject that is understood on the esoteric level cannot possibly pain you on the human level; whether it be loss of employment, loneliness, violence, depression, the illusory concept of race, anger, heartache, envy, fear or any other negative state that you can imagine.  A person with esoteric wisdom has more insight into human nature than a hundred Sigmund Freuds who could not even save himself from the unhealthy compulsion and ravaging addiction to nicotine in the form of his ever-present cigars which eventually took his life by way of unrelenting oral cancer.  A psychiatrist can bring you flowers and drugs when you are in the hospital.  A person who knows esoteric wisdom can teach you how to stay out of the hospital and off the meds.

We cannot rely upon the conditioned mind of intellectual thought, that consists of memorized worldly facts, to help us find inner fulfillment, make us whole, help us to understand the significance of life itself or give us answers as to why we exist.  Only on the esoteric level are we able to penetrate past frozen mental concepts to understand our purpose for being and know when life is truly meaningful.


Only 6% of Chicago Public School students who go on to a four year college ever complete the requirements for obtaining a degree.  This appalling trend can be dramatically reversed with right knowledge.

As a practical example of how esotericism can provide unique answers to contemporary problems, I present to you an issue that has been propelled to the forefront of educational topics.  How to make students more successful and resilient in the face of self-induced mental impediments that are triggered by environmental factors.  In an August episode of American RadioWorks the question was asked, "Why do some people quit when faced with an obstacle while others persist until they have accomplished a stated goal?"  This is asked in relation to students who go to college but fail to ever get a degree.  Why do certain sudents lack grit, perseverance and stick-to-itiveness?  In a recent segment of This American Life (WBEZ-FM in Chicago), host Ira Glass interviewed an economist at the University of Chicago, Professor James Heckman whose research centers around what was referred to as "non-cognitive skills", such as tenacity, that are not displayed in abundance in less successful students.  Ira and the professor struggled to come up with a milder and more accurate term than "non-cognitive skills", but couldn't.  The more appropriate term that they were looking for would be intuitive faculties.  These are natural traits that are possessed by all at birth but covered up in some during early formative years.  These innate attributes include curiosity, wonderment, determination, persistence and staying power.  If they are not nurtured by attentive adults or guardians they will wither, languish and lay dormant.  To return these children to their hallowed natural state of happiness there is nothing that you need to or can add to their psychological inner life.  The only thing neccessary is to remove the mental claptrap that is holding them down by having them unlearn certain restrictive thoughts that produce the unwanted behavior.  Happiness and contentment are discovered as a result of a ridding process, not the addition of anything, especially not something prideful or an empty ego-driven "charitable" activity.  Humans are complete at birth and then distorted by other lost humans. 

There are simple ways to accurately quantify the extent to which these adverse conditions exist in each student.  There are also straightforward remedies for unlearning the acquired traits that prevent students from excelling in the classroom and in life.  THERE ARE ELEMENTS OF UNHAPPINESS IN THESE MINDS WHICH CAN BE EXTINGUISHED.   There is a way to restore the natural attributes temporarily lost by a careless upbringing.  However, it cannot be found in the haystacks that intellectual minds have previously searched.  The nascent different approach by thinkers such as Professor Heckman and author Paul Tough are fresh ideas that deserve careful scrutiny by all serious academicians.  They are asking new and exciting questions that put us on the doorstep to real and permanent solutions.  I would go a step further to higher levels of consciousness by stating that matters related to human happiness require an esoteric answer.  Intellectual mental power is useful for figuring finances or sending rocketships to Mars, but woefully inadequate for providing self-understanding which is the gateway to self-happiness and the irrepressible expression of our natural faculties which make life a pleasant and supremely rewarding experience.


Why do Blacks express such extreme hostility toward each other?

Since statistical percentages point to the fact that the overwhelming majority of murders committed in Chicago involve African-American perpetrators and victims, we can safely conclude that there is a common thread of thinking among a sizeable portion of the black population that personal justice can be achieved through violence rather than by any reasonable alternative.   

My next three blog posts will explain, in a no-holds barred manner, why Blacks are more inclined toward hostility as they interact with each other, than can be said about any other identifiable group in the general population of Chicago.  And no, it has nothing to do with poverty, lack of education or employment oppotunities, racism, limited access to decent and affordable housing, unmet demands or any other external condition or social malady that you, the reader, can imagine.  There is one root cause which I will state in one sentence in the second of the three posts on this topic.

There are two essential ingredients that are neccessary in order to provide clarity when revealing the unique features of the unconscious black racialized mind.  The number one essential is that you must, at some point in your life, possess this mind.  Number two is that you must extinguish (unlearn) this mind in order to rise above it and be able to see it's characteristics in a clear, dispassionate, unflinching manner.

My first blog on the aforementioned subject matter will focus on the vast differences between the psychological features of the mind of President Barack Obama and the typical African-American (male) who was raised and influenced by African-Americans who are themselves the descendents of slaves.  I could write a book and its sequel about the differences but will attempt to remain as brief as possible by highlighting the most glaring examples.  This will be both an object lesson and a teachable moment, by way of comparative analysis.  We will discuss inner values, motives, insights, desires and psychological fears.

My second blog on the subject of violence in the minds of blacks will focus on the intellectual and esoteric reasons for this fact.  We need to know a brief history and have a profound understanding on a higher level of how this conditioned mentality was created.  The esoteric explanation will provide one statement that sums up why many individuals feel a constant need to destroy each other.

My third blog will provide the only way possible to unscramble the egg of human self-discontent.   It is within reach of everyone with a pulse, regarless of age, false sense of self, shattered hopes and dreams, level of academic education, financial condition or social status.


Across the spectrum

  • This being the election season, I thought that it might be appropriate to inform certain members of the electorate about  their unconscious voting practices.  In a future blog post I will explain how it is that politicians can easily persuade individuals to vote against their own self-interests; proving that democracy in its most basic form is a system of governance that looks better in theory than it works in practice.
  • I will reveal why Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago without really trying and how one peculiar event more than any other factor made it possible for him to win in the general election and avoid a runoff contest with Gery Chico, the next highest vote-getter.
  • We will take a hard look and never-before-discussed approach as to why Chicago is home to one of the most corrupt political cultures in America.  What observable and intuitive factors can we use to help us figure out this perplexing  problem.  We will start with the fact of seeing how the chance confluence of two of the most long-term isolated and brutalized minds in modern human history created a ripe environment for functional political corruption.


Any change that does not include a change in human nature is really no change at all.

The ultimate goal in life is to possess a flexible and free mind so the we can change for the better; become a better spouse, parent, student and citizen.

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    Ye gods, man. You've bitten off one hell of a lot. Can you chew it? You're proselytizing. That's a real hard lyric, brother.

  • In reply to Robert Tannahill:

    Dear Sir,

    I am not proselytizing. That is a term typically reserved for encouraging religious conversions. I have no organized religion to defend, and therefore, none to oppose. I will be simply stating facts, not arguing opinions. I would never attempt to persuade the unpersuadable. However, any willing reader can apply this knowledge in practical ways to solve their own problems.


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