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#YesAllWomen Vs. The Mental Illness Issue

I’m supposed to be packing; my movers come tomorrow and there’s SO much left to be done. But packing in solitude means that I have plenty of time to think, and while I normally have random ideas and blog posts writing themselves in my head on the reg, I just have to actually sit down... Read more »

Letting Go Of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Alas. From the first post I saw on Facebook, I knew this would be a day of tributes and Tweets. People reminiscing about their favorite movies and lamenting the loss of an amazing actor. There’d be speculation concerning the details of death and the circumstances surrounding his mental state, but I wondered how many people... Read more »

How Getting The Flu And My Love For French Silk Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Bakers Square

I have the flu. H1N1. I don’t believe in the flu shot — this is my half a decade immunization. For 48 hours, it was fucking shitty, no doubt. But I’ll be strong as hell for the next 5-7 years for sure.  Oh, and the people who saw me said that even people who GOT... Read more »