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National Blog Posting Month

The Amazing Grace

I didn’t know that I self-medicated my manic-depression before I knew I had manic-depression. By and large, I think the main way I did that before I got sober was with marijuana. I think that probably one of the reasons it stopped working was that it got better — it got stronger. I don’t know... Read more »

I Don't Mean To Scare You

There have been so many blog posts I have started to write in my head and just haven’t. It’s so ironic that I started this blog in an effort to de-stigmatize mental illness, and then just couldn’t really get into the thick of things once my mental illness had me by the throat. I was... Read more »

Writing It Off And Taking A Loss

I’ve never been good at letting go. Of possessions. Of principles. Of people. I’ve always held on for too long, too tightly, too hard. I struggle with the idea that this world is temporal and that things aren’t made to stay forever; that things can and will change; that people often are here for reasons,... Read more »

The Sacraments Of Democracy

It’s been a minute since I was doing the organized religion thing, but as I understand it, the sacraments of any religion are the MUST dos. I was raised Lutheran, so we only had two. Baptism and Communion.¹ They’re the things that God told us to do — the visible/tangible manifestations of him on earth.... Read more »

Weekend Roundup

I have an hour to get a post in for today. This one’s really going to be a phoner. Nik Wallenda. I didn’t watch it. I watched people watching it. I followed Twitter. I don’t know. I’m glad my Spidey sense about it going badly was terribly wrong. I certainly didn’t want anything bad to... Read more »

The Dead And Dreaming

Introductory sidebar parts one and two (to spare you the footnotes, since there’s already a video and lyrics at the bottom): 1: I didn’t really want to write a blog post today, already headed toward fucking up “blog every day in November,” and I had started a post when I got home from work last... Read more »

I Will Always Be A Radio Nerd

I was driving down Lake Shore Drive yesterday and I saw the vanity plate — WXRT. Really? Who had that plate? Which one of the personalities at ‘XRT managed to snag that? I can’t believe I was even questioning who would be the owner of that plate — maybe because the car wasn’t as fancy... Read more »

Chicago Has Lost Charlie Trotter

I was on Facebook just now (as per usual), when I saw the breaking news — Charlie Trotter found dead in home. I actually said, “Whoa” out loud. For whatever reason (some my fault, some not), I have not been endowed with a lot of money this go around in life. And when I do... Read more »

I Don't Want To Sleep, I Just Want To Sit And Watch "The Office"

Sleep is a hard thing for a manic-depressive. It seems like we’re either getting none or getting too much. I don’t know about other people, I don’t really talk about it at length with others too, too much, but it seems like sleep hygiene is something we struggle with. I think it’s something Americans struggle... Read more »

What It's Been Like WITHOUT The Affordable Care Act

So, I’m going to try and use the next 30 days as a way to mine some of the topics that I want to cover in my theoretical book about manic-depression, navigating it, my memoir of my own journey, etc. I’m going to just write about what I’ve gone through and work it out here.... Read more »