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National Blog Posting Month

Instagram Thursdays: My Lower Half

One of my favorite skirts. Boots from Target.
I love shoes. I tend to always go back to some favorites — Converse, boots, Mary Janes, etc. My legs are one of the only parts of my body I have any confidence in, so I figured I’d take a spin through some of my shoe/boot/legging combos. Why not. Keep up with my head …... Read more »

Instagram Thursdays: Foliage

Daylight. Autumn. Outside the Conservatory.
A trip through the seasons. Keep up with my head … type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. You will NEVER get anything else from me (no SPAM, and you can opt out at any time).

Thank You For Your Service

My friend, K, today says what I often think about our military (she is saying this in a Facebook status to her relatives who have served): I don’t always understand the decision to serve but I do understand some of the sacrifice in time, autonomy, and personal safety that you made when you joined up... Read more »

Starbucks Is Ruining Everything

Starbucks Is Ruining Everything
For the last few days, I’ve seen references to Starbucks changing the design on their cups for the holidays (to solid red), and how that is infuriating some people. How they’re whipped up because it’s a terrible affront to Christmas/Christianity. I’d resisted finding out what it all meant and searching for any sort of article,... Read more »

Confessions Of An Idiot

When I blogged The Smussyolay for 10 years, there was so much that was so diary, so confessional. I think about that now, how it got me through being lovesick and depressed and hypomanic and how I just wrote through it all. Just talking out loud and telling on myself and letting the world just... Read more »

I Tried Trader Joe's Cookie Butter

I’ve heard about it for a long time. I’m not sure what I thought it was. Maybe like cookie dough? Yeah. Like that. And there’s so many “butters” now. Almond butter. Cashew butter. Pretty much any kind of nut butter you can think of. So, I guess I wasn’t all that revved up to eat... Read more »

Ride Pride

The reality of the situation is that I have NOT had a car in the city more than I have had one. In 18 years of living in Chicago, my knowledge of public transportation has grown along with my knowledge of the city streets; tips, tricks, and shortcuts; and the grid. I do pretty well... Read more »

On The Outside Looking In

“A moment of clarity.” “A moment of truth.” A lot of times, we hear and use that phrase in recovery world to talk about the brief, shining moment when we are able to truly see what our world is like, what we’ve become, and what will happen to us if we keep going the way... Read more »

Instagram Thursdays: Animals

Instagram Thursdays: Animals
I’m going to try and do a regular feature — Instagram Thursdays — where I go through my Instagram (instagram.com/smussyolay)¬†and make some galleries that will generally have a theme or something in common. This week will be animals. I do love animals. Keep up with my head … type your email address in the box... Read more »

A Fond Farewell To My Father's Flowers

A Fond Farewell To My Father's Flowers
At my father’s funeral, I went around and took one flower from every arrangement and made my own small bouquet. I thought it was quite beautiful. As months went on, I realized I had eventually ended up with a nice arrangement of dried flowers, and at some point, decided I would keep them for a... Read more »