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#YesAllWomen Vs. The Mental Illness Issue

I’m supposed to be packing; my movers come tomorrow and there’s SO much left to be done. But packing in solitude means that I have plenty of time to think, and while I normally have random ideas and blog posts writing themselves in my head on the reg, I just have to actually sit down... Read more »

Naked On The CTA: Those Who Laugh Last Are Just Mean

Okay. I guess what gets me roused out of a stall here at An Unquiet Chicagoan is a good old-fashioned grrr out. I’m sure if you live in Chicago, by now you’ve heard about the woman who held things up for a bit on the Red Line at Granville on Saturday afternoon. To briefly summarize,... Read more »

An Interview With Rafael about CIT -- National Mental Health Awareness Week -- Volume Four

It’s still National Mental Health Awareness Week . I’ve done posts every day and I’m trying to talk about various aspects of mental illness and various segments of society in relation to it. I came across this article on Gawker — “Police Shoot, Kill Man in Urgent Need of Medical Assistance.” Now, Gawker is known... Read more »

If There Were *Two* Guns, He Would Have Killed Them All

I saw a few articles in my news feed yesterday about a school shooting in Georgia. I didn’t click on them, because frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the needless death and senseless violence perpetrated by sick people with easy access to mass murder machines that are couched in the premise of “protection.”... Read more »