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Goodbye, 2016

Goodbye, 2016
  365 days have passed; we’ve made another turn around the sun. Everyone’s making their commentaries, lists, years in review. We can’t help it; there’s something about endings and beginnings that speak to the human psyche. As long as we’ve been arbitrarily dividing up the light into days and minutes and seconds, we’ve been marking... Read more »

If I Die, What Do You Want Me To Will To You?

I was robbed July 7th. It’s an interesting story, I suppose. But it’s not the one I’m going to tell here. Only to say that at one point, I thought, “That is not a gun.” Followed by, “That’s ridiculous. Maybe there are small guns.” Followed by, “What is more ridiculous is if this were anyone... Read more »

A Fond Farewell To My Father's Flowers

A Fond Farewell To My Father's Flowers
At my father’s funeral, I went around and took one flower from every arrangement and made my own small bouquet. I thought it was quite beautiful. As months went on, I realized I had eventually ended up with a nice arrangement of dried flowers, and at some point, decided I would keep them for a... Read more »

Who Is The Rightful Heir To Ernie Banks' Estate?

Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune reported that Ernie Banks’ will is being contested by his family after they found out that everything in his estate is being left to his caretaker of 10 years, Regina Rice. The minute I read stories like this, I immediately shudder. My personal experience with things like this is long and... Read more »

A Long December, Indeed

Lyrics written by Adam Duritz I think Adam Duritz, and by proxy, the Counting Crows, are often an easy target for scorn and ridicule. People mock Duritz’s whiny tone and his penchant for maudlin melancholia. I have always had a soft spot for them, though, and “A Long December” has long held tenure as one... Read more »

The Dead And Dreaming

Introductory sidebar parts one and two (to spare you the footnotes, since there’s already a video and lyrics at the bottom): 1: I didn’t really want to write a blog post today, already headed toward fucking up “blog every day in November,” and I had started a post when I got home from work last... Read more »

It's The Day Of The Dead And That Includes Me

November 1st. Day of the Dead. Isn’t that quaint? I don’t know what to do, you guys. I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m blogging in the attempt to maybe get on that blog a day in November shit, but honestly even when I’m in a good space I can’t ever seem to follow... Read more »

Getting Back To The Business of Blogging

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It's Been Over 24 Hours, And I'm Still Sad About Robin Williams

Monday night, I wrote a piece about the unexpected suicide committed by Robin Williams. I first learned of his death when a reporter called Second City asking if anyone there had ever worked with him or had a story to share. I was dumbfounded. I knew that Robin had been struggling with his addiction in... Read more »

Letting Go Of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Alas. From the first post I saw on Facebook, I knew this would be a day of tributes and Tweets. People reminiscing about their favorite movies and lamenting the loss of an amazing actor. There’d be speculation concerning the details of death and the circumstances surrounding his mental state, but I wondered how many people... Read more »