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That's It: No One Gets To Be On The Road

That's It: No One Gets To Be On The Road
I have no idea if the Divvy by that building in my neighborhood was a result of someone visiting that day, or if the person who was riding it was so drunk they couldn’t get themselves home, but didn’t think about the whole “returning the bike to Divvy” part. Either way, it amused me when... Read more »

20 Years in Chicago: A Look Back

2017 marks the 20th year I’ve lived in Chicago. 8/1/2017 will be my 20th anniversary. So, I’m in the midst of 20 as we speak. I thought it would be interesting (because I’m a nostalgic motherfucker) to look back at the various and sundry (and there are various AND sundry) apartments and neighborhoods I’ve lived... Read more »

Comments Under Three Minutes: Weather With You

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Did this one a few days ago when we were expecting strong storms. Thought I was going to talk about a few things and then just decided to split it into two videos. I love weather! Keep up with my head … type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button.... Read more »

The Air And Water Show: A Dilemma

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The Air and Water show has descended upon Chicago. The first year I lived in Chicago, I was lying in bed and heard these HUGE planes flying above my house. Not only did they sound fast, but they sounded LOW. They sounded like something very bad was happening. What I didn’t know was that weekend... Read more »

10 Things I Think Would Be Cooler Than Getting A George Lucas Museum In Chicago

So. Star Wars. George Lucas. Pretty huge part of pop culture and the American movie landscape. Archetypes abound. Special effects. The advent of movie marketing and action figures and tie-ins. Darth and Stormtroopers and Luke and Han and Leia and C3PO and R2D2 and the Ewoks. Lightsabers and plot twists and the Death Star. So... Read more »

Chicago Has Lost Charlie Trotter

I was on Facebook just now (as per usual), when I saw the breaking news — Charlie Trotter found dead in home. I actually said, “Whoa” out loud. For whatever reason (some my fault, some not), I have not been endowed with a lot of money this go around in life. And when I do... Read more »