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Why "We Are Not Accepting New Patients" Is Literally Driving Me Mad

I guess a lot of people would just say it’s my own fault. I should get a better paying job. I should get a job with insurance. I should, should, should — I’m tired of getting should on by society, truth be told. If all of those things were that easy, don’t you think that... Read more »

Thoughts On Kathy Griffin -- My Life On The J-List

I just saw a clip of Jim Carrey on a red carpet being asked what he thought of the current Kathy Griffin blowup whereby people are lambasting her (on the right *and* left) for doing a photoshoot where she holds an effigy of Donald Trump’s severed head covered in fake blood as a protest of... Read more »

Why Jordan Edwards Is A Great Example Of White Privilege

I regularly read the words of Shaun King in my Facebook feed. Sometimes, they are his own opinion pieces from The Daily News, but often they are him relaying news of one injustice or another, often the senseless murder of another person of color. Most recently, he has told the story of Jordan Edwards, a... Read more »

Goodbye, 2016

Goodbye, 2016
  365 days have passed; we’ve made another turn around the sun. Everyone’s making their commentaries, lists, years in review. We can’t help it; there’s something about endings and beginnings that speak to the human psyche. As long as we’ve been arbitrarily dividing up the light into days and minutes and seconds, we’ve been marking... Read more »

Something To Say

You can take me down You can show me your home Not the place where you live But the place where you belong You can bend my ear We can talk all day Just make sure you’re around When I’ve finally got something to say “Something To Say,” Toad The Wet Sprocket It’s been nearly... Read more »

Thank You For Your Service

My friend, K, today says what I often think about our military (she is saying this in a Facebook status to her relatives who have served): I don’t always understand the decision to serve but I do understand some of the sacrifice in time, autonomy, and personal safety that you made when you joined up... Read more »

Thank You For Playing. That's It -- Thank You.

When your comment on someone’s post starts to hit four paragraphs, you should consider making it a blog post. That’s what happened to me today when Old Single Mom said she’d be interviewed tonight for her ongoing and controversial stand on having every kid in a Little League league receive a trophy for playing, regardless... Read more »

Let's Have A Quickie

I’ve been writing a little more lately, so I figure I wanted to stop by and keep the momentum up. I’m not sure what I have to say, so I’ll use this as a quick roundup just to have something to post. Any and all of these could turn into bigger blog posts, but I... Read more »

The N-Word Dilemma

Let’s get one thing straight out of the gate. This is not a dilemma of me wanting to SAY the “N-word.” Do NOT get that twisted. I have no interest. I do not suffer any fools gladly who try and contemplate, debate, and dissertate “Why can “they” say this word, but “we” can’t?” Oh, shut... Read more »

THIS Is How You Really Know You're A Feminist

I was on Facebook today (okay, so I was awake and breathing), and I came across a post that led you to a website to let you know if you’d have trouble voting for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. It let you check your state (check your state, people!) to know if you had closed... Read more »