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I Have No Idea Why Pokemon Go! Makes Me So Angry

Seriously. I don’t really even know what Pokemon is. That is as big of a mystery to me as Pogs are. I ask people what it is, and no one can really answer. It’s cards. It’s round things. Okay. And … HOW IS THAT A GAME? How is Magic the Gathering a game? Let me... Read more »

Something To Say

You can take me down You can show me your home Not the place where you live But the place where you belong You can bend my ear We can talk all day Just make sure you’re around When I’ve finally got something to say “Something To Say,” Toad The Wet Sprocket It’s been nearly... Read more »

Starbucks Is Ruining Everything

Starbucks Is Ruining Everything
For the last few days, I’ve seen references to Starbucks changing the design on their cups for the holidays (to solid red), and how that is infuriating some people. How they’re whipped up because it’s a terrible affront to Christmas/Christianity. I’d resisted finding out what it all meant and searching for any sort of article,... Read more »

The Amazing Grace

I didn’t know that I self-medicated my manic-depression before I knew I had manic-depression. By and large, I think the main way I did that before I got sober was with marijuana. I think that probably one of the reasons it stopped working was that it got better — it got stronger. I don’t know... Read more »

Thank You For Playing. That's It -- Thank You.

When your comment on someone’s post starts to hit four paragraphs, you should consider making it a blog post. That’s what happened to me today when Old Single Mom said she’d be interviewed tonight for her ongoing and controversial stand on having every kid in a Little League league receive a trophy for playing, regardless... Read more »

Homaro Cantu Is Dead. And There's No Science That Can Fix It.

A friend and I decided to take a wee break from Facebook. Like a day. When you’re as badly as addicted as we are, you have to start with baby steps. We deleted the app from our phones, and made a pact to stay away. There was much gnashing and wailing of teeth, and discussions... Read more »

Why We Should Care About #TheDress

If you have a Facebook account or use Twitter or were even remotely awake at all last night, you probably heard something about a little old dress — #TheDress. Not the $150,000 dress Lupita Nyong’o wore to the Oscars. Her white gown decorated with 6,000 pearls — the one that got stolen. No, this is... Read more »

I Hate Everything: MLB Trying To Speed Up The Pace Of The Game

Sometimes Facebook’s trending stories are good for something. They’re not all bombastic one-liners about the Kardashians and sad stories about death. They notify me about changes that Major League Baseball is going to make to enhance the “pace-of-game.” Insert needle scratch here. You’ve got to be kidding me. One of the reasons I’ve always loved... Read more »

Who Is The Rightful Heir To Ernie Banks' Estate?

Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune reported that Ernie Banks’ will is being contested by his family after they found out that everything in his estate is being left to his caretaker of 10 years, Regina Rice. The minute I read stories like this, I immediately shudder. My personal experience with things like this is long and... Read more »

What Will I Do Without Jon Stewart?

I used to watch the Daily Show with Craig Kilborn. For real. And I loved him. Like most things, you sometimes have no idea what good is until you get it. Much like all of the Talk Soup hosts (John Henson, Greg Kinnear, Hal Sparks and Aisha Tyler), I could never anticipate how the next... Read more »