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Let's Have A Quickie

I’ve been writing a little more lately, so I figure I wanted to stop by and keep the momentum up. I’m not sure what I have to say, so I’ll use this as a quick roundup just to have something to post. Any and all of these could turn into bigger blog posts, but I... Read more »

Comments Under Three Minutes: Creative Energy

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This was supposed to be April 1sts entry, but then I realized I had to throw some shade at April Fool’s Day — so “the last one” I reference is actually the Godrab entry. ¬†Whatevah. Keep up with my head … type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. You... Read more »

A Long December, Indeed

Lyrics written by Adam Duritz I think Adam Duritz, and by proxy, the Counting Crows, are often an easy target for scorn and ridicule. People mock Duritz’s whiny tone and his penchant for maudlin melancholia. I have always had a soft spot for them, though, and “A Long December” has long held tenure as one... Read more »

It's The Day Of The Dead And That Includes Me

November 1st. Day of the Dead. Isn’t that quaint? I don’t know what to do, you guys. I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m blogging in the attempt to maybe get on that blog a day in November shit, but honestly even when I’m in a good space I can’t ever seem to follow... Read more »

It's Been Over 24 Hours, And I'm Still Sad About Robin Williams

Monday night, I wrote a piece about the unexpected suicide committed by Robin Williams. I first learned of his death when a reporter called Second City asking if anyone there had ever worked with him or had a story to share. I was dumbfounded. I knew that Robin had been struggling with his addiction in... Read more »

I Am Not An Adjective

Full disclosure: I blogged for Chicagoist for two years and loved it. I made a ton of great friends and know that the people who work there are great people. Regardless, my friendship does not exclude them from saying when I think that they’ve missed the mark. Today’s Chicagoist features a post about the ever-changing... Read more »

The Story Of Josh Marks: When Reality TV Gets Too Real

A friend posted a link to Chicago Magazine’s article “The Voices in Josh Marks’ Head” on Facebook a few days ago. I was going to write something here at the time that he killed himself, but reading this helps me get my mind around it a little more. Kind of. Honestly, at some point, reading... Read more »

Mental Health Awareness Month In The Month Of Yam*

So they tell me it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. I guess last month was Alcohol Awareness Month. Ooookkkkkkaaaay. So, this blog is supposed to be me, advocating for people who suffer from or struggle with mental illness and addiction issues. This should be RIIIIGHT up my alley, yeah? I don’t know. First of all, I’ve... Read more »

I Think The Worst Is Over

So, I’m not wearing my father’s legit Navy peacoat from 1965. I stopped a couple of days ago and switched to this Guatemalan number I bought from two guys selling them out of a bag on Monroe/Wells in 1997. A slight upgrade, but not much. What matters to me is that it’s not my “winter... Read more »

Happy New Year?

I guess it’s always longer inbetween posts than I think it is. Again, part of me wonders what I was thinking trying to write a blog about mental illness with a mental illness. There’s the whole I have manic-depression, so I have all these moments where I have great ideas for blog posts and no... Read more »