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I Am Not An Adjective

Full disclosure: I blogged for Chicagoist for two years and loved it. I made a ton of great friends and know that the people who work there are great people. Regardless, my friendship does not exclude them from saying when I think that they’ve missed the mark. Today’s Chicagoist features a post about the ever-changing... Read more »

The Story Of Josh Marks: When Reality TV Gets Too Real

A friend posted a link to Chicago Magazine’s article “The Voices in Josh Marks’ Head” on Facebook a few days ago. I was going to write something here at the time that he killed himself, but reading this helps me get my mind around it a little more. Kind of. Honestly, at some point, reading... Read more »

Mental Health Awareness Month In The Month Of Yam*

So they tell me it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. I guess last month was Alcohol Awareness Month. Ooookkkkkkaaaay. So, this blog is supposed to be me, advocating for people who suffer from or struggle with mental illness and addiction issues. This should be RIIIIGHT up my alley, yeah? I don’t know. First of all, I’ve... Read more »

I Think The Worst Is Over

So, I’m not wearing my father’s legit Navy peacoat from 1965. I stopped a couple of days ago and switched to this Guatemalan number I bought from two guys selling them out of a bag on Monroe/Wells in 1997. A slight upgrade, but not much. What matters to me is that it’s not my “winter... Read more »

Happy New Year?

I guess it’s always longer inbetween posts than I think it is. Again, part of me wonders what I was thinking trying to write a blog about mental illness with a mental illness. There’s the whole I have manic-depression, so I have all these moments where I have great ideas for blog posts and no... Read more »

I Can See Clearly Now

This is a piece I read for Tuesday Funk this month. Thanks to Andrew Huff and Bill Shunn for inviting me. I hope you invite me back, and I’ll try to go a little lighter. And to everyone who’s “looking for some new music,” go check out The Avett Brothers*. The whole catalog. You’ll find... Read more »

I Don't Want To Sleep, I Just Want To Sit And Watch "The Office"

Sleep is a hard thing for a manic-depressive. It seems like we’re either getting none or getting too much. I don’t know about other people, I don’t really talk about it at length with others too, too much, but it seems like sleep hygiene is something we struggle with. I think it’s something Americans struggle... Read more »

What It's Been Like WITHOUT The Affordable Care Act

So, I’m going to try and use the next 30 days as a way to mine some of the topics that I want to cover in my theoretical book about manic-depression, navigating it, my memoir of my own journey, etc. I’m going to just write about what I’ve gone through and work it out here.... Read more »

Suicide: The Great Equalizer

This post is my foray into National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). For the uninitiated, I do believe the goal in NaBloPoMo is to post once a day for a month. The goal in NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000 word novel by 11.30.13. I’m cheating a bit. I’m going... Read more »

Suicide Never Makes Sense -- National Mental Health Awareness Week -- Volume Three

National Mental Health Awareness Week is this week. Sometimes, I’ve been wondering exactly what to write, since this is supposed to be the premise of this whole blog — making people aware of what it’s like to have a mental illness, trying to eras some of the stigma, giving people some of the ins and... Read more »