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How The Dismantling Of DNA Info And Chicagoist Hurt Us All

How The Dismantling Of DNA Info And Chicagoist Hurt Us All
I have a friend who doesn’t like DNAinfo, because she feels like all the articles really are subtly aimed at gentrifying neighborhoods and are yes men for developers and the like. She has always encouraged people to always look for an alternate source to a story. I really respect her opinion, so I did my... Read more »

"Paulie, We Did It!" -- Winning With Paul Defiglia

"Paulie, We Did It!" -- Winning With Paul Defiglia
My first Avett Brothers show was at the House of Blues on a cold March night in 2010. We were pretty far back in the venue, so I was straining to see the four men on stage. They didn’t make it super difficult, as they were jumping and yelling, and bringing a level of energy... Read more »

Why The U.S. Government Can Never Get Rid Of The Penny

There has been much talk in the last 10 or so years about abolishing the penny. That it costs more to make than it’s worth. That no one cares about them. That it would just be better to round everything up or down (you know it’s gonna be up). For me, the penny is so... Read more »

Parenthood Bringing Me Back

SPOILER ALERT Season 4 of Parenthood the TV show ahead. Everyone has raved about the TV show Parenthood. I’m finally getting around to it. I really love it for a million reasons. It’s super real — there are so many times I’m super annoyed with characters and I love how the spouses and siblings and... Read more »

When You're Jealous Of A TV Family

I was gonna cut myself a break and not write tonight, because I’m a little overwhelmed with President Obama’s farewell speech and the impending disgust of a potential inauguration of a man I can hardly bear to look at or think of and I’m unemployed and getting paralyzed by that again and there’s a bunch... Read more »

And Your Favorite Sandwich Is ...

It’s lunch time. You’re hungry. Boss or friend says the meal is on you — pick out your favorite sandwich. Don’t think about it long, just blurt it out. What’s your favorite sandwich? I’ll give you a second. It’s the ____________________________. What did you say? BLT? Reuben? Egg salad? Tuna? Ham with Swiss? Roast beef?... Read more »

Getting In Under The Wire

Gonna be another short one tonight. Started a bunch of posts, but couldn’t pull the trigger. Was out in the cold a bunch today and just got home and got under the covers. Ate some gluten-free pizza (I don’t always eat gluten-free, but if it’s convenient and tastes good enough, I will), watched an episode... Read more »

If I Die, What Do You Want Me To Will To You?

I was robbed July 7th. It’s an interesting story, I suppose. But it’s not the one I’m going to tell here. Only to say that at one point, I thought, “That is not a gun.” Followed by, “That’s ridiculous. Maybe there are small guns.” Followed by, “What is more ridiculous is if this were anyone... Read more »

Confessions Of An Idiot

When I blogged The Smussyolay for 10 years, there was so much that was so diary, so confessional. I think about that now, how it got me through being lovesick and depressed and hypomanic and how I just wrote through it all. Just talking out loud and telling on myself and letting the world just... Read more »

Ride Pride

The reality of the situation is that I have NOT had a car in the city more than I have had one. In 18 years of living in Chicago, my knowledge of public transportation has grown along with my knowledge of the city streets; tips, tricks, and shortcuts; and the grid. I do pretty well... Read more »