Why The U.S. Government Can Never Get Rid Of The Penny

There has been much talk in the last 10 or so years about abolishing the penny. That it costs more to make than it's worth. That no one cares about them. That it would just be better to round everything up or down (you know it's gonna be up).

For me, the penny is so much more than a piece of legal tender. It is a spark of good luck, a reminder that the Universe has my back. In the last two years, they have been the proverbial "pennies from heaven."

I don't expect anyone to believe this -- but my dad sends me pennies. I don't know why or how, but I know that last year, when I was feeling particularly grieve-y, I got a run of finding pennies that was unheard of. It was every day, several times a day. Normally, when I find change in flurries it means that I am being told that I will be financially okay. But at some point in this run, I realized it was my dad saying hello.

It has come and gone since then, but around the same time this year, I had another crazy penny flurry. And while it has slowed, it hasn't completely stopped. I keep seeing pennies in strange places, or where there absolutely was none before -- today, at a cleaning job, I found a 1937 wheat penny.

I have other symbols and signs (see: bunnies), but right now, I'm working with the penny, and the government should see fit to let it be.

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