When You're Jealous Of A TV Family

I was gonna cut myself a break and not write tonight, because I'm a little overwhelmed with President Obama's farewell speech and the impending disgust of a potential inauguration of a man I can hardly bear to look at or think of and I'm unemployed and getting paralyzed by that again and there's a bunch of other stuff running through my brain, so why not bail on this blog a day thing? I'm gonna fuck up eventually, right? Why not tonight?

But I was online just now trying to track down some rogue pirated version of the new This Is Us "midseason premiere," and comforting myself with the fact that I had a BUNCH more Parenthood to binge, and I realized just how much I loved the shows -- how easy it is to sink down with the Bravermans and the Pearsons, because they are families that I want so much to be a part of. Families with a group of siblings (not just two) that allow for a varied family dynamic. Families that have a fuckload of dysfunction, but ones with a strong foundation of love and respect and caring at the core.

I know everyone else was watching (and raving about) Parenthood for the better part of this past decade, but I don't manage to watch network TV while it's on usually (making an exception for This Is Us this time), and honestly, with my tendencies, it's probably better that I get a bunch of stuff to binge on. The alcoholic/addict in me kind of gets off on that, you know. But I'm getting around to it now, and I just am like -- yeah, this is so great. It's so real and it's so genuine and it's so relatable and it's so much -- oh, shit, I DO love Dax as much as I love Kristen, THAT's confirmed.

Seriously, though -- I love that the people fight and freak out and are sometimes crabby and shitty and mean and rude to one another, but they do things like ... apologize. Forgive. Understand. Own their mistakes. Love each other anyway. Take time to see where the other person is coming from. Have conversations. Take time outs. You know? Not flip the fuck out and stop talking to one another for an indefinite period of time. Or just not talk about anything at all and pretend shit isn't happening. That kind of Midwestern stoic shit. It *is* set in California, I guess.

Anyway, it's weird to be jealous of fictional characters and want to be in fake families. It's sad, I suppose. I'm working on it. Speaking of which, I gotta get back to my stories. Got this one in before midnight, though.

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