A Cheater's Post: Gratitude List

I wanted to write every day in 2017. I'll probably mess that up at some point, but today, I'll do a quickie, a cheater's post -- something I normally loathe thinking about, but it's late and I'm desperate. Something people recovering from the drink get taught to lean on as a go-to when miserable or lost or stuck in a nowhere thought pattern -- the gratitude list.

1. The days are getting longer.
2. I have a roof over my head in the bitter cold of winter in Chicago.
3. I walked 13,000 steps today.
4. I had a really great roast beef sandwich.
5. I have a great long, warm winter coat.
6. The Cubs are still the World Series Champions.
7. Neko. (mrow)
8. The Avett Brothers still have the power to make me cry.
9. I got a ride home tonight.
10. I have a lot of different groups of friends/people in my life who are all pretty awesome.

That's the news for now.

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