The State of the Union

Dad. You didn't watch this¹ tonight. You didn't listen to Chris Matthews and The Rachel Maddow Show and whoever else is on MSNBC. You didn't listen to the endless chatter and patter and clatter that is the 24 hour news cycle, driving me crazy. At least the blessing was at least you listened to the right -- that is, the correct -- side.

I think you sometimes watched Morning Joe just because you wanted something to be pissed about, and I KNOW you did not care for ol' Rev Sharpton. But you liked the Ed Show and I think you probably even gave Chris Hayes a bit of your time now and again.

I was happier watching The Daily Show or The Colbert Report with you. The news just makes me angry and sad; at least Jon and Stephen could make me laugh while they were making me angry and sad.

But you always scrolling for something -- you needed to know even if it pissed you off. You and Grandma always watched the news. You were in the know, at least as much as our terrible media system could let you be. I think Grandma was more into PBS news than maybe you were, but you and I certainly threw down when it came to Antiques Roadshow².

And so it goes. This is the State of the Union.


¹I am sure there have been much sicker burns in the history of sick burns, but this is the State of the Union, and in combination with the wink, this is pretty awesome. Obama DGAF.

²You never seemed bothered by it, but much like when people would lose all their earnings to the Whammys in "Press Your Luck" (especially when they were just being greedy and not because they had been passed spins, although I suppose that was even more of a bitter pill to swallow), I was always bummed out when we were watching one of those compare/contrast episodes where they would show an old show with the amount the appraiser had given then (say, 2000) and then the current value (say, 2010), and the value went down. I think my disappointment was enhanced by the graphic and the essentially sad trombone sound effect they use.

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