Wake Up, America. What's Going On In Ferguson, MO, Should Scare You

I should be headed for bed. I'm not, because I'm reading Twitter with a vengeance. Normally, when I'm this engaged with my Twitter feed, it's because I'm sharing in some common event and want to join the collective conversation. You know -- like the Oscars, Super Bowl, other awards shows, elections -- that sort of thing.

Tonight, I'm reading as the world watches in horror at the protests in Ferguson, MO. At this point, if you don't know the story of Michael Brown, you are living in a fantasy world.

And the truth of that notwithstanding, the fact that the police in Ferguson are coming up on the protesters with full military gear, is a BIG problem.

Even if there was reasonable cause to shoot Michael Brown (doesn't sound like it, though), people still get the right to protest. They still get the right to peaceably assemble without fear of retaliation and violence. The media is Constitutionally allowed to report on items as they see fit. But ... that's not the case.

For every person who is all hepped up about the Second Amendment and their rights to carry an assault rifle into Chipotle -- I'm wondering where their outrage is tonight. The Constitution is being shredded left and right, and I don't see any of them walking the streets in protest or using their rights to open carry.

The silence around this situation on behalf of the Second Amendment fanatics and the usually loud libertarians belies their proposed agendas. This situation in Ferguson, MO, is *precisely* the kind of thing they're always terrified of. But it's crickets over there.

An alderman was arrested. Reporters are being arrested, too. There's been a no-fly zone over the area so media helicopters can't hover. And the ones on the ground? They're telling them they have to turn their cameras off and throwing tear gas at them if they won't comply.

For everyone who gets nuts about how this person or that person shouldn't have gotten fired due to their First Amendment rights? No. They worked for a company who had some sort of rules. The company can choose to let someone go who they don't feel is a good representation of the company (or they're afraid that now people are going to be mad because of something they said/did). But the media being shut down and not allowed to report -- THAT's the First Amendment being violated. The freedom of speech is being trampled on.

This should horrify and terrify you if you are a red, white, and blue, America lovin' patriot. These scenes, coming straight from our darkest days during the Civil Rights Movement, are what you should be concerning yourself with. Not marching around a Target with assault weapons.

I'm horrified and flabbergasted. I have never been arrested, but I've always taken for granted that one day, I will be -- for civil disobedience or something that truly means something. If I were able to, I really think I'd head down there tomorrow. If you care and are able to do it, please do. We need every voice and every mind standing up to this un-Constitutional, violent, and terrifying oppression couched as "police work."

I beg of you -- become informed on this subject and be vocal about it. We have to speak up and do something. Now.

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