Freak Out or Chill Out (Or A Little Of Both), You Decide

So, I'm depressed. I'm just admitting that. And I'm still trying to get back to some stuff here. So, it's video blogging. That's what I'm doing. So ... you can get with some me going off about germs and why people need to stand down about all the germ freakiness (plenty of f-bombs here -- just sort of went with it, no finesse or editing here, so if you're listening at work or around kids, this is definitely an "earmuffs" situation) to the said "freak out" portion ...



if you're looking for some chill out time, I can provide that, too.

Second video is just intstrumental jazz time. I love when I come across the people playing music in the el who are ... good. Where locals are stopping and listening and everyone is happy to give them a dollar, and you don't really care so much how long it takes for the train because you're genuinely being entertained.  Well, at least me. And I see these guys (and occasionally women) and I think ... man, this could be a legend. Either someone who used to play out a lot or was a session musician or someone who has yet to be. These are our people. These are Chicago's own. And they're really great. It doesn't happen a lot, mind you, so I think the discoveries are even sweeter. And maybe it's nothing big -- maybe these guys are just average, so-so musicians -- but, it seems rare to come upon someone who really sounds like they have something going.

Apologies in advance to everyone who's going to shit the bed because of the video being in shitty portrait mode. (I finally remembered for the salty one.)  You DO realize, however, that it's pretty much how we hold the phone, constantly, all day to do EVERYTHING, right? Talk, text, dick around on Facebook? It's not like it would occur to someone to take a video in any other fashion, AND it's not like it letterboxes it all shitty WHEN you're taking the video. SO ... before people get all uppity about it, let's really think about who we should be pissed at -- the person taking the video OR whoever makes it so the format fucks it up like that. That's what I thought.

Back to chill out:


Back to your regularly scheduled snowstorm.

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