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Freak Out or Chill Out (Or A Little Of Both), You Decide

So, I’m depressed. I’m just admitting that. And I’m still trying to get back to some stuff here. So, it’s video blogging. That’s what I’m doing. So … you can get with some me going off about germs and why people need to stand down about all the germ freakiness (plenty of f-bombs here —... Read more »

I'LL Give You A List: 40 Reasons Why I Have To Start Writing Again

1. I turned 40 yesterday. March 5, 2014. At 3:21 in the afternoon. That’s sort of unusual, that afternoon baby thing, but so much is unusual about me, that it’s just one thing in a long list. A long list like this one. But it’s also a speck of nothingness in that I’m just like... Read more »
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    Blogging since 2004, Jocelyn Geboy has maintained a personal blog, The Smussyolay, and blogged for Chicagoist and Block Avenue. She is writing An Unquiet Chicagoan to help alleviate the stigma that comes with being diagnosed with mental illness. She loves bees, clouds, mini things, and driving. She has lived in the city for 17 years and currently lives in Uptown with her cat, Flannery O'Connor. You can contact her at

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