Thank You For Playing. That's It -- Thank You.

When your comment on someone’s post starts to hit four paragraphs, you should consider making it a blog post. That’s what happened to me today when Old Single Mom said she’d be interviewed tonight for her ongoing and controversial stand on having every kid in a Little League league receive a trophy for playing, regardless... Read more »

The Textures Of Life

<br><br><br><br>Pier outside of a screen door.
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Let's Have A Quickie

I’ve been writing a little more lately, so I figure I wanted to stop by and keep the momentum up. I’m not sure what I have to say, so I’ll use this as a quick roundup just to have something to post. Any and all of these could turn into bigger blog posts, but I... Read more »

We Shall Not Regret The Past Nor Wish To Shut The Door On It

It’s one of them “promises” from recovery land. Not regretting our past or wanting to close the door on it. Learning from it and even wanting to share it with others so that our experience may benefit them and let them know they are not alone and that they, too, will one day not be... Read more »

It's Always Me

The recovery life is riddled with paradox (“a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities”). There are countless slogans, ideas, situations, and premises that seem to constantly contradict themselves — but when taken individually in context, are inevitably the next right thing. On the surface, it would seem that the reason for... Read more »

She's Got Legs ... And Shoes. Here are 10 Pictures (and one bonus) of Them.

<b>Rocking the Cons at Montrose Beach.</b><br> <br>Having a little solo beach time at Montrose Beach on a gorgeous summer night.
I have two body parts I genuinely like and get regular compliments on. My eyes and my legs. I feel honestly confident about them. So, I take pictures of one of them on a regular basis — because I also have a thing for shoes. I’ve always wanted to have a coffee picture book of... Read more »

Shaken *And* Stirred

Emotional hangovers are no joke. I’ve spent the majority of this day in bed after a fight (?) with a friend. I don’t know what to call it. A conversation that went wrong. A conversation I’ve had a couple of different times in various iterations with this person before. ¬†We go radio silent, we eventually... Read more »

I've Forgotten

I’ve forgotten how to write. I’ve forgotten how to do most everything, it seems like. It feels like. My vagina bones hurt — I’m decidedly unforgetting how to ride my bike, and in true alcoholic fashion, I went balls out and rode waaayy too far the first day. Oh well. I got in a fight... Read more »

The N-Word Dilemma

Let’s get one thing straight out of the gate. This is not a dilemma of me wanting to SAY the “N-word.” Do NOT get that twisted. I have no interest. I do not suffer any fools gladly who try and contemplate, debate, and dissertate “Why can “they” say this word, but “we” can’t?” Oh, shut... Read more »

THIS Is How You Really Know You're A Feminist

I was on Facebook today (okay, so I was awake and breathing), and I came across a post that led you to a website to let you know if you’d have trouble voting for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. It let you check your state (check your state, people!) to know if you had closed... Read more »