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This is a Raid!!!!!!

The holiday season is upon us, and so are the food police. You know the ones! The “do gooders” take absolutely all the joy out of every traditional holiday treat. The radio is filled with public service minutes detailing tricks to avoid all the high calorie foods, and what you can substitute as healthy holiday... Read more »

Customer Service - OR- How to Piss People Off

I have spent a goodly portion of the past three days on the phone with my TV service provider (names are withheld to protect the guilty). With the advent of the bitter cold temps, I was noticing some irregularities in our picture quality, but it was infrequent and intermittent, so I passed it off as... Read more »

A Lesson in Humility....A Reminder

For the last half dozen years, I have been actively involved with the Church food drive. Now actively involved does not mean just dropping off a few canned goods in the building, but actively gathering donations, sorting donations, and in some cases, delivering those donations to the needy families. The first few years, I was... Read more »

Lacking in Respect

As promised, our President intends to go ahead, on his own, without benefit of due process, and grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. This shows a critical lack of respect on so many levels. It is not about the country of origin, nor the numbers of people affected. This entire piece is about respect. The recent... Read more »

Only in America-Penalized for Being American

Back in the Dark Ages, when I was in school, our country used to be referred to as the “melting pot.” Everyone came from somewhere else, yet we all came together under the banner of being American. If you remember Bill Murray in the movie “Stripes”, he referred to his platoon as “mutts”. Before political... Read more »

Bait and Switch, Agency Style

Well, I went for it. Took the online assesments, filled out forms, went to a pre-interview, followed by a real interview. I even had a cheat sheet of questions that I might be asked to prepare. I was told to make sure that I could cite specific examples that demonstrated what the questions asked. This... Read more »

Sure, Go Ahead....Kick Me When I'm Down!

We are truly struggling at home. I know, in part, my daughter is feeling let down at not attending the private high school as planned. She is also struggling to fit into the public high school where it seems everyone is merely continuing their junior high associations, and new friends are not welcome. And we... Read more »

The Devil You Know

Somewhere along the line, my efforts at being an entrepreneur in a piss poor Illinois economy came up against a very large, hard brick wall. Translation: Two people in the household, working on commission only, simply does not work. You can have the promise of all sorts of successful business meetings and contracts, but until... Read more »

A Heartfelt Thank You!

Campaign season is over. The voting took place. And finally, at the end of the week, things are quieting down. It is time to extend a heartfelt thank you to both the winners and losers in this most recent mid term political contest. We can now return to avoiding commercials for pharmaceuticals companies instead of... Read more »

Don't Laugh Too Loudly....Humor is Politically Incorrect

Economists refer to the “misery index”, which roughly translates into how much an economic downturn impacts daily routine. Despite all the media attention to supposed gains in the stock market, lower fuel costs, purported gains in employment, the misery factor is still pretty darn high. We are all paying a great deal more for necessities... Read more »
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