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It Is Not What You Think, At All!

Watching the “Duggar Scandal” evolve over the past several days, and aside from the accusations of abuse, aside from the idea that what has happened is completely and diametrically opposed to what the family professes as their Christianity, I have some real problems with this whole scandal. It has grown into a national media feeding... Read more »

Life as a Jigsaw Puzzle

I have always loved jigsaw puzzles. The bigger and more complex they are, the better I like them. My parents used to work on them during the winter months of hibernation, after the kiddies went to bed. I can remember the card table as a permanent fixture in the den, surrounded by snack trays with... Read more »

You've Been Slammed!

Recently, a colleague shared information that could save money on the utility bills. I am always skeptical and wary of scams. Perhaps in a former life, I was from Missouri. In any event, my colleague was quite thorough with the explanation of how this program works, and the promises were not outrageous. And of course,... Read more »

Mom's: Always Wear that Title With Pride

My Mom used to say that a Mom was always a Mom, no matter how old her children became. I firmly believe that is true, as the process of becoming a Mom, either through childbirth or the process of adoption, intrinsically changes the way that women look at life, and the world around them. I... Read more »

I Eat SH*T for a Living!

This should be emblazoned on every call center representative’s forehead. We all have our horror stories about being poorly treated by customer service reps. We have all wanted to reach through the phone lines to strangle them with a phone cord. But let me give you some insight as to how many of them became... Read more »

Motherhood: Part II Mom-isms

Moms have stock answers. The pearls of wisdom fall so readily form their lips that kids are certain that there is a special dictionary for Moms somewhere in which all of these truisms are be found. The reason for this conviction is the fact that every single Mom responds to key situations with pretty much... Read more »

Reflection: Motherhood-Then and Now

Maybe my kids are right, and I am older than dirt, but it really isn’t that long ago that I was the one doing stupid stuff guaranteed to turn my Mother prematurely gray. As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reflecting on the goofy stuff we did that our parents had to worry about. I am... Read more »

60+% of My Property Taxes X 28 Years Does Not Equal Quality Education

I have ranted about my experiences as a newbie parent to the public school world. As this year has unfolded, I have become increasingly angry. Teachers, who earn a darn sight more than I, who cannot be fired because of unions and tenure, and who don’t actually teach, but rather, who provide 30-40 minutes of... Read more »

This Means War!

I am usually a friend of nature. I enjoy sitting on my deck trying to identify the different birds passing through my backyard. Some of them stay and build nests. Others are transients, just stopping by on their way through, searching for food or perhaps nest materials. I am continually amazed at the variety, particularly... Read more »

In a Three Party System

All of us are familiar with the Republicans and Democrats. All of us seem to lean more to one side than the other. There has long been discussion that we need more political parties, and to that end, we discuss Libertarians as an alternative to the major two players in politics. There have also been... Read more »