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Exactly What is Going on in School

We all remember Health Class. Cue the collective groans, along with a few snickers and giggles. I remember some of the highlights vividly. Please jump right in if this sets off bells and whistles in your memory banks. Who could forget the fabulous videos of gruesome car wrecks, many of which were rerun for your... Read more »

Gracious in Victory or Defeat

A landmark decision was handed down by the Supreme Court regarding the “right” of everyone to get married. The fact that the Constitution has not undertaken to discuss marriage in any meaningful way up until the present, and the relative appropriateness of the Supreme Court even speaking to that issue is not actually what I... Read more »

Financial Reality: A Primer for Politicians and Representatives

The battle to save Illinois has begun in earnest down in Springfield. Politicians are doing the usual weave and dodge, trying to look the like the goody guys, the defenders of women and children. This behavior is, by no means, unique to one or the other party. The game in town is being re-elected. It... Read more »

Evolution Part II....Better or Worse

Kids can’t catch a break in our society. On the one hand, there is a new stereotype that says they must be technologically savvy, while at the same time, they are being taken to task for inactivity, obesity and failure to focus. They live with technology in the palm of their hand, but that also... Read more »

Are We Really More Evolved?

I am the last of the Baby Boom generation by strict definition. I grew up during the 60′s and 70′s Too young for Vietmam and Flower Power, and too old to fit into the Preppies and the Hair Bands of the 80′s. While I was a little kid, I was a little kid of the... Read more »

My Last Word on the Subject....

And the controversy continues…..Josh Duggar is a monster, a pedophile, and needs to “pay for his crimes”. The absolute venom is frightening. Rewind to 1886 and we could be in White Chapel talking about Jack the Ripper. I am sorry folks, but your ire and righteous indignation is completely and totally out of proportion. You... Read more »

It Is Not What You Think, At All!

Watching the “Duggar Scandal” evolve over the past several days, and aside from the accusations of abuse, aside from the idea that what has happened is completely and diametrically opposed to what the family professes as their Christianity, I have some real problems with this whole scandal. It has grown into a national media feeding... Read more »

Life as a Jigsaw Puzzle

I have always loved jigsaw puzzles. The bigger and more complex they are, the better I like them. My parents used to work on them during the winter months of hibernation, after the kiddies went to bed. I can remember the card table as a permanent fixture in the den, surrounded by snack trays with... Read more »

You've Been Slammed!

Recently, a colleague shared information that could save money on the utility bills. I am always skeptical and wary of scams. Perhaps in a former life, I was from Missouri. In any event, my colleague was quite thorough with the explanation of how this program works, and the promises were not outrageous. And of course,... Read more »

Mom's: Always Wear that Title With Pride

My Mom used to say that a Mom was always a Mom, no matter how old her children became. I firmly believe that is true, as the process of becoming a Mom, either through childbirth or the process of adoption, intrinsically changes the way that women look at life, and the world around them. I... Read more »