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Unlimited "Do Overs"

It must be great to be the President. It must be great to have an idea so fixed in your head that you simply cannot imagine that anyone, at any time, would even consider disagreeing with you. It must be great to be able to continually change the rules to fit that idea, until everyone... Read more »

Why We Watch.......

When I was a kid, my grandfather used to observe that people always showed up for train wrecks and sewer explosions. The more grisly the event, the greater the congregation of gawkers. I remember hearing about “gapers block” on the radio traffic reports, and not really grasping what it meant until learning how to drive.... Read more »

Americans Love Kids and Love Baseball: Which is Why the JRW Decision Should Stand.

Everyone has an opinion about the Jackie Robinson West Little League scandal. And everyone feels really badly for the children involved, those who lost their trophy and bragging rights due to the behaviors of adults. What I find most disturbing is that the adults involved truly believe that their actions have no impact on the... Read more »

The Hazards of Healthy Eating......

I bought humus. Everyone raves about this nutritious snack filled with protein and fiber. Instead of my favorite cream cheese, or the acceptable substitute of Greek yogurt vegetable dip, I went all mother earth healthy and elected a humus which was flavored with those lovely Greek olives. Please note, I said “flavored with”, which in... Read more »

Just Trying to Make A Living

The natural reaction to somebody who is engaged in selling a product or service, quite frankly, seems to be assembling the holy water, crosses, garlic and silver bullets. For most of us, the approach of a sales person, in any context, triggers the fight or flight response. While many of us don’t wish to be... Read more »

Living with Carb Addicts

Several years ago, my husband and I undertook the Atkins diet plan with great success. Well, it was really successful once I was able to break my husband’s carbohydrate addiction. I learned rapidly why Atkins always advocates essentially three entire weeks of no carbs at all. Just as with drug abuse and alcoholism, there is... Read more »

My Approach to Writing...The Blogger's Life

I have actually thought about this topic for quite some time, trying to define in my own mind what a blog should and should not be. There are experts and educators out there who will disagree with me heartily, but my firmest conviction is that the blog format needs to be conversational. Like many folks,... Read more »

New Year Doesn't Seem New....

Something is wrong here. 2014 is officially over and in the books. We had this great celebration to mark the conclusion and usher in the clean slate of 2015. So why is it then, that 2015, seems to be like a dingy continuation of the past year? Where is that sense of freshness and hope?... Read more »

Negotiating the Mine Field of Female Logic

When my son was in high school, he was absolutely stunned at the female capacity for grudge holding and axe grinding. Having been female all of my life, I could assure him with good authority that his observations about general vindictiveness were by no means unique. I pointed out that his darling and wise mother... Read more »

Relationships Can be Like the Tides of Life

I was thinking about the topic of break up stories, and it occurred to me that there is a similar phenomena among friends. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship to end abruptly, or to cause pain and angst. Several times in my life, people who have been extremely close friends have left my... Read more »
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    Sue Fitzpatrick

    What can I say? I like to be the devil's advocate. Keeps the conversation lively, and is also fun when dealing with people who think that they know it all. I surely don't know it all, but I am always observing, always learning, always growing and evolving. The one thing that I have learned is that the absurdities, inequities, and ironies of life are best absorbed with a huge dose of humor. I tend to be somewhat irreverent and possibly a bit sarcastic, although not always intended to be so. I am camera phobic, which is why I elected to have the innocent and adorable puppy repesent me for the moment. For many years, I have been the family photographer, because if I am taking the pictures, I am not in them. Didn't realize that there are no recent pictures, other than the DMV disaster. So Cute Puppy will be representative of my playful nature. Feel free to drop me a line:

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