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Freedom to Agree to Disagree

Indiana is firmly on the map, front page news. Not for the sale of fireworks or cut rate cigarettes. Not for corn or collegiate sports, although there are those trying blackmail Indiana’s sovereignity as a state by threatening them with the NCAA. Indiana is on the hot seat for a piece of legislation that literally... Read more »

Duck, Duck, ....Goose!

Remember that silly preschool game? Everyone sitting in a circle while one child is sent around the outside, gently tapping the shoulders of the other children, calling out “duck” again and again. Finally, randomly, one child is selected, and instead, “goose” is called which starts a frenetic chase around the circle to race each other... Read more »

Everything Changed! Then and Now

There was a horrible car accident this week, and two teens were killed with others seriously injured. They were certainly not out past curfew, and they weren’t engaged in any illicit activities-just trying to go to a high school basketball game and support their school and classmates. My daughter went to school with one of... Read more »

Declaring War on PETA

At this point, PETA, you have no more credibility. I no longer believe that you are the champions of poor, defenseless animals. I have had enough of your sanctimonious protests and outrageous attempts to humiliate, bully, and badger (no offense intended to the furry variety) people into thinking as you do. As time goes along,... Read more »

This Blogger Life: Aha Moments in History

You may consider me to be very perverse, but I have always wondered about certain events, and yes, video confirmation of how the resultant behaviors came to be common place would be wonderful. Many of these questions arise when I am cooking. As you are preparing food, the thought crosses your mind (at least mine)... Read more »

"New School" Parents

There is an increasing army of parents who feel that inoculating their children against disease is somehow going to create great harm. These are parents who, by and large, who have never seen chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, or polio. They certainly haven’t had the same experience as their grandparents and great grandparents who actually... Read more »

Unlimited "Do Overs"

It must be great to be the President. It must be great to have an idea so fixed in your head that you simply cannot imagine that anyone, at any time, would even consider disagreeing with you. It must be great to be able to continually change the rules to fit that idea, until everyone... Read more »

Why We Watch.......

When I was a kid, my grandfather used to observe that people always showed up for train wrecks and sewer explosions. The more grisly the event, the greater the congregation of gawkers. I remember hearing about “gapers block” on the radio traffic reports, and not really grasping what it meant until learning how to drive.... Read more »

Americans Love Kids and Love Baseball: Which is Why the JRW Decision Should Stand.

Everyone has an opinion about the Jackie Robinson West Little League scandal. And everyone feels really badly for the children involved, those who lost their trophy and bragging rights due to the behaviors of adults. What I find most disturbing is that the adults involved truly believe that their actions have no impact on the... Read more »

The Hazards of Healthy Eating......

I bought humus. Everyone raves about this nutritious snack filled with protein and fiber. Instead of my favorite cream cheese, or the acceptable substitute of Greek yogurt vegetable dip, I went all mother earth healthy and elected a humus which was flavored with those lovely Greek olives. Please note, I said “flavored with”, which in... Read more »