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"Do They Know It's Christmas....."

I remember when the song was first recorded. A collection of artists were making appeal to raise funds for those suffering extreme poverty, hunger, diseases, and war in third world countries. It has been re-recorded over the years with different collections of artists for the same general reasons. Looking at Christmas this season, I wonder... Read more »

Once again......A Lesson in Alienating Customers

A while back, I wrote about my experiences with the Cable TV people. We were having problems and enduring the automated technical troubleshooting without any success or progress. When we finally got to speak with a real live human being, they kept insisting that we should be able to see certain results, which we were... Read more »

Compelled to Provide Belated Thank You's

I have spent a great deal of time ruminating on the state of public education, particularly as my child is forced to deal with it, because Mom and Dad are obvious financial failures. And lest you think that I am merely being sour grapes because I cannot afford the private school, please be assured that... Read more »

Just Take a Good Look Around

Many times in the past, I have stated that I am not buying into the “recovering economy” myth. There are a myriad of reasons for my skepticism and disbelief. I have listened to radio reports of retailers concern about a poor Christmas shopping season for weeks. I have also noted that those same retailers have... Read more »

Is Anyone Thankful? Truly Thankful?

It is easy enough to get caught up in worries about what you don’t have, or conversely, what somebody else does have. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I truly find myself wondering exactly how many people are truly grateful, are actually appreciative of blessings. To that end, I thought that I should begin with myself. After... Read more »

The Taking of Kohl's 1..2..3...

Based upon a school project and essay, my daughter has accused her family of having no holiday traditions. While it is true that as American “Mutts”, we no longer identify the nationalities who brought these practices and foods to the holiday table. We simply enjoy them side by side. Some of the items are easy... Read more »

This is a Raid!!!!!!

The holiday season is upon us, and so are the food police. You know the ones! The “do gooders” take absolutely all the joy out of every traditional holiday treat. The radio is filled with public service minutes detailing tricks to avoid all the high calorie foods, and what you can substitute as healthy holiday... Read more »

Customer Service - OR- How to Piss People Off

I have spent a goodly portion of the past three days on the phone with my TV service provider (names are withheld to protect the guilty). With the advent of the bitter cold temps, I was noticing some irregularities in our picture quality, but it was infrequent and intermittent, so I passed it off as... Read more »

A Lesson in Humility....A Reminder

For the last half dozen years, I have been actively involved with the Church food drive. Now actively involved does not mean just dropping off a few canned goods in the building, but actively gathering donations, sorting donations, and in some cases, delivering those donations to the needy families. The first few years, I was... Read more »

Lacking in Respect

As promised, our President intends to go ahead, on his own, without benefit of due process, and grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. This shows a critical lack of respect on so many levels. It is not about the country of origin, nor the numbers of people affected. This entire piece is about respect. The recent... Read more »
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