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Out on a Limb-Literally

I see you, carefully honing the axe, sharpening the saw, oiling the chain….And I know that I am way out on that limb, but I simply cannot sit back any longer. Whenever anyone, politician or civilian, suggests that there are universal and absolute rules in society, things like not murdering your neighbor….well, it seems that... Read more »

Can't Have It Both Ways....One, or the Other

For all of us trying to make sense of the irrational, the violence, the mass killings, quite frankly, there is no sense, no rhyme or reason. A common complaint suggests that our government fails those in this country who suffer from mental illness. Based upon political correct speak, while I shudder to contemplate actually defending... Read more »

No News is "Good News"......Particularly in America

There have been a lot of horrible, negative events happening in our world, in our country, and in our own backyard. Nobody is denying that, but perhaps one of the reasons that people are so angry and so lacking in hope for the future might have roots in the way our news is delivered. While... Read more »

I Guess I Resemble that Remark

Strange thing! Until recently, I had no desire to own a firearm. None whatsoever! But that doesn’t mean that I have ever sought to take that right away from others. And before anyone suggests that my attitude is the result of being unaffected by gun violence, let me assure you that is not the case.... Read more »

The Lowest of the Low: Scoring Political Points off Somebody's Tragedy

Events in Oregon this past week were every family’s nightmare. There is no denying that senseless deaths are incomprehensible to average people. Analyzing it incessantly is not going to restore lives lost, and probably prevents those most closely affected by tragedy from processing a surreal event and working through the necessary stages of grief. My... Read more »

In Defense of Playground Justice

I would never in a million years condone persecution of any child. Heck, I am a parent, and a parent that has had to deal with the bumps, bruises, tears, and fears of a child, who on a particular day, or during a given school year, is not included in the popular elite. If you... Read more »

Economic Fantasy

Recently, the news has been filled with the furor over minimum wage and people being unable to support themselves on minimum wage. This really isn’t news. At no time, that I can ever recall, (and my kids assure me that I am older than dirt), has anyone ever been able to live on minimum wage.... Read more »

Are We Really that Gullible?

When will we wake up? When will we stop letting the talking heads on television news programs do our thinking for us. C’mon folks, this isn’t that hard. I am pretty sure that we all grew up knowing that intentionally harming others was wrong. Taking things that didn’t belong to us, that we didn’t receive... Read more »

Politically Correct: At What Cost?

The news is filled with stories about riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. Random executions (as there is no other word to describe killings that have no direct provocation) have occurred in all corners of our nation. The fingers are pointing, and race is defined automatically as the reason for all the anger, all the tension,... Read more »

Is Anybody Else Irked?

Admittedly, our family has not been eating out very frequently, because it simply isn’t in the budget. Usually a treat is a trip to Steak “n” Shake, with coupons, of course. However, this week was my birthday, and my daughter and I planned a special lunch together. After a great deal of discussion, we decided... Read more »