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Bait and Switch, Agency Style

Well, I went for it. Took the online assesments, filled out forms, went to a pre-interview, followed by a real interview. I even had a cheat sheet of questions that I might be asked to prepare. I was told to make sure that I could cite specific examples that demonstrated what the questions asked. This... Read more »

Guess I am not doing that again.....

Signed up for one of those online job fairs, with the logic being that it would save gas and tolls if it didn’t result in anything. Well, yesterday was this wonderful event, and as suspected, it didn’t generate anything new. The usual cast of suspects believe that I would be wonderful at selling…..whatever it is... Read more »

Feeling out of touch with the world at large!

I realized, today, that I have been so absorbed with this entire job search process, it has overshadowed everything else. I caught some of the evening news for the first time in several weeks, and it was like being in a foreign country-one where I don’t necessarily know the language and where the customs are... Read more »


Today’s title should be self explanatory. I have hit the wall. Even as a reasonably intelligent, and also reasonably self confident individual, I have absolutely reached the limit of my ability to accept rejection without any particular reasoning. In three months time, I have probably completed 300 online applications and submitted resume and cover letters... Read more »
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    What can I say? I like to be the devil's advocate. Keeps the conversation lively, and is also fun when dealing with people who think that they know it all. I surely don't know it all, but I am always observing, always learning, always growing and evolving. The one thing that I have learned is that the absurdities, inequities, and ironies of life are best absorbed with a huge dose of humor. I tend to be somewhat irreverent and possibly a bit sarcastic, although not always intended to be so. I am camera phobic, which is why I elected to have the innocent and adorable puppy repesent me for the moment. For many years, I have been the family photographer, because if I am taking the pictures, I am not in them. Didn't realize that there are no recent pictures, other than the DMV disaster. So Cute Puppy will be representative of my playful nature. Feel free to drop me a line:

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