Just Plain Angry!!!!!!

Everyone has something to say about gun violence and gun control. Popular theory is that removal of all guns is the solution. Sorry to break it to you, but humanity found inhumane ways to do harm to one another long before gun powder was invented by the Chinese and eons before Smith and Wesson teamed up to produce firearms. Being beheaded with an sword, bludgeoned with a rock, thrown off a building....none of these things seem to inspire our ire or raise our concern like the media highlighting yet another incident involving a gun. There are those who suggest that the bombing at the Boston Marathon was a hoax rather than a terrorist act. And I am angry, livid even, with the heavy handed brainwashing that flows from the media and our government. I am sick of hearing how great it is in other countries. Newsflash! All of us are here because we didn't like the way things were in other countries. America was founded on discontent with the status quo, and the country was dedicated to keeping individuals free from government tyranny. That freedom includes safety from indoctrination and propaganda. Glass half empty or glass half full? Same numbers, same statistics, just a different spin!

It is a shame, a tragedy, a loss, when anyone is killed or injured, but there are no guarantees in life, excepting that it is finite and fragile. Drunk drivers cause 30 traffic fatalities each and every day, which translates into one person dying every 51 minutes due to alcohol related car crashes. And please consider that these statistics reflect a drop of approximately 50% as claimed as success by the organization MADD over the past twenty years. Yet alcohol was not removed from the shelves and taverns of the land, These are the statistics quoted by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. According to the same resource, 31,000 deaths per year are attributable to gun violence, but before you freak out, please remember that there are almost 350 MILLION people living in the United States according to Census, and very possibly 40 million who are undocumented beyond that. So without even getting into the undocumented census issue, the number of gun related deaths (which would include accidents as well as law enforcement killed in the line of duty) is less than a fraction of 1% of the population in this country. So, Henny Penny, the sky is not falling, and we are not all going to die in a blaze of gunfire.

Likewise, there are some pretty scary statistics relating to traffic injuries and fatalities that involve the use of technology, with cell phones the largest contributor, but also including GPS and other technical gadgets that remove the focus from driving and traffic. The National Safety Council states that cell phone related accidents are among the most under reported, even in cases where drivers admitted to using the phone. It is easier to prove an inexperienced driver and weather conditions than the cell phone in hand. The total reported traffic incidents in 2013 that involved injury or death totaled 2.5 million. In 2011, there were 32000 traffic related deaths and yet only 385 were attributed to cell phone use. The CDC estimates that there are 9 traffic related deaths each and every day and that less than 50% of all are coded to distracted driving. Even the WHO studies the worldwide phenomena of distracted driving due to cell phone use and concludes that legislation will not cure the problem, but rather information and education to increase public awareness and change attitudes. In other words, prohibiting the use of cell phones, taking away devices is not going to change the behavior that results in distracted driving, accidents, and death.

Now here is the CDC statistic that makes my blood boil, because it is accepted as normal, a right even. I do not wish to debate or dispute the legality of abortion, but rather, to point out the hypocrisy of our government. Our nation performs, on average, over the past dozen years, 1.2 million abortions per year. Yes, that is millions, not thousands. Over the course of a decade, 12 million children were debated out of existence as human beings, and eliminated as living creatures. I think that makes Hitler's Holocaust look like amateur hour. How does our government justify manipulating us, tearing at our emotional heartstrings? The poor children will never grow up. The families will suffer because they have lost children to criminals and crazies with a gun. While this is true and tragic, it is also hypocrisy from a society and a government who can accept 1.2 million abortions per year. How important are the children really? PETA defends the ethical treatment of chickens, rats, and mice. Who speaks for the embryo, the fetus, the living entity that our society refuses to call a child? Is it still not a living thing? We can bring commerce to a grinding halt to preserve a handful of spotted owls which 99% of the population never sees or even realizes existed.

Or like everything else in our society, are children only important when they serve to make politicians look good or to further personal and political agendas? They are babies when kissing them demonstrates the candidate to be one of the good guys. They are parasites when candidates want to convince women that they are being victimized. On one hand, the government can say that a living thing is not a child, not a citizen, and not deserving of protection, while on the other hand asking everyone to relinquish constitutional guarantees on behalf of the children in a culture that seems to value puppies and kittens to a greater extent that unborn humans.

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