Thank You, Doctor...I Feel Sooooo Reassured!

The latest news regarding the influx of children from Central America is the assertions by government medical professionals that these children are not exposing our populace to any exotic or unusual diseases. Let me tell you how reassuring that is coming from a government that nearly experienced a major anthrax meltdown in the CDC labs. Or how vigilant that government appears when vials of small pox virus are found that date back over 50 years. Our population is no longer vaccinated for small pox, but the government still has the virus, and are actually culturing it in petrie dishes to see if it is still viable after all these years. Yes, I am sure that I speak for all thinking Americans when I tell everyone how comforted I am about the news that our undocumented visitors do not carry any "exotic" diseases.

The statement, of course, was made to "stem the tide of speculation and panic" engendered by all these children being transported all over the country. This same medical professional is now saying that these children come from nations with a higher vaccination rate than children in the US. Excuse me, but last week we were told that these children came from impoverished nations with economic hardhsip, political uncertainty and corrupt governments. Many come from remote villages and agricultural areas. Children are reported to walk 45 minutes to reach school. So how does that translate into a higher vaccination rate than we have in the US? Who is keeping these records and how do we know if the records are accurate?

I read a story last week interviewing parents of two of our "refugees", back in Guatemala. They listed the same birth date for both their children, even though the children were four years different in age. It seems that they decided to finally register the older child's birth, four years later, when they had the opportunity to register the younger sibling. With that sort of enthusiasm and attention to detail in registering the actual birth and age of children, wouldn't the vaccination cards, which they conveniently have when coming across our borders. be suspect? And if they are traveling through the wilderness, traversing great distances without adult supervision and assistance, how is it that despite having nothing else, they have vaccination records?

All this furor erupted over citizens in our own country wanting to know what measures were being taken to insure that these children were healthy prior to being circulated all over the country in temporary housing arrangements. At first we were told that it is routine procedure for them to have routine wellness checks and be given innoculations prior to being placed. But actual reports from some of the intake sites have resulted in stories of border patrol workers being infected with scabies. Not that scabies is necessarily life threatening, but it is not common enough in this country for most of us even to know what signs and symptoms indicate scabies. Furthermore, exotic or not, do we need additional illness among our population? So the medical professionals have reassured us that the children are not carriers of Ebola virus, but do we want a resurgence of Whooping Cough and antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis?

I am a parent, and some of these children might well turn up in school with my children. Is it unfair or even unchristian of me to expect that just as I have to pay for school physicals and submit accurate vaccination records, so too should these children be subjected to the same health screenings and precautions before sitting in classrooms across the country? We are simply not being given a complete picture, nor are we being told the truth. Exactly how many children? Estimates are now in excess of 90K and could go as high as a quarter of a million if allowed to continue. These numbers are larger than most communities, and yet we are being portrayed as insensitive morons for wanting our government to look out for the health and well being of citizens over those of illegal immigrants.

And, as I am fond of hanging out around the news threads, not only to stay up with current events, but to have a first hand view of the feelings and opinions of other citizens, I have noted a new schizophrenia in town. I will call it ideological bi polar disorder. The folks who have continually asserted that the government must completely and totally eradicate pubic display of religion under separation of church and state are now refering to our nation as being Christian based, and how can a Christian nation turn children away???? The same people who rail about the radical religious right are now pulling the christianity card to justify turning a blind eye to all these children flooding our border. Many of them are hard core pro-abortion, so you wonder why these children matter so much to them. Some of these rabid separatists, the ones who are threatened by the display of a nativity, are suddenly quoting the Scriptures to enlighten believers as to God's commission to care for the poor and the sick. And to them, I submit that if they read the Bible a bit further, even in Jesus time, the sick were segregated from the main part of society to insure that communicable diseases didn't spread. In order to return to society, the temple priests would have to examine and declare you fit. I think that is exactly what the American public is seeking here, but instead we are being told to "move along, nothing to see here!" Ever notice that whenever you are told that there is nothing to see, it seems to crop up on the 10 o'clock news.

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