Google it...A Real Eye Opener

I was puzzled, earlier this week, by the reports of massive number of children and youth coming across the Mexican/American border. How could this be undetected? And today, I was further puzzled by the need for a field trip, by our representation in Washington, to visit the areas affected by this encroachment. I wondered why the photographs, which were on various news items, clearly showing large groups had not circulated to Washington DC. Don't they get newspapers and magazines? Don't our representatives on Capitol Hill have access to the internet? In the age of instant video feeds via satellite, can't our elected officials access the same information as we, the American people? One would think that at the very least, somewhere in the halls of Washington DC, there is one AV nerd with a projector and screen. After all, every school in America has several students capable of performing that very function. And certainly, with the ability to pinpoint identity through DNA, and the ability of the NSA to know everything, if photos or videos had been doctored or staged, it should have been self-evident. So why the expense to the American taxpayer?

So, in the interest of fairness, I did your basic Google search. Using keywords like "Mexican/American Border", I brought up hundreds of still shots depicting both sides of the divide between our countries. You are certainly welcome to do the same with your favorite search engine. I didn't get too specific, because there was a wealth of images with just a general search as well as the typical statistical information about how long the shared border actually is (a bit shy of 2000 miles). In any event, each of the general sites had links to many others with related topic materials such as the border fence, the border patrol, border checkpoints. Without a great deal of effort, I got a real eyeful. There were even many photos, both daytime and night, depicting multiple people climbing over said border fence. There were photos of road signs depicting people presumably running across the border and that motorists should beware (much like deer crossing signs). Photos of huge piles of debris left by encampments of those who had scaled the fence proved that this is not an isolated phenomena, nor does the incursion reflect one or two people crossing. In fact, some pictures showed people piled on top of rail cars, or packed into the back of pickup trucks to the point that the tires were compressed.

And what was even more interesting to this scenario were pictures from the Mexican side of the border. Mexican border control consists of soldiers in full military gear, looking more like they are ready to deploy to the Middle East than deal with peasant farmers seeking a better way of life. If the Mexican border authority is in full SWAT gear, what does that say about the Mexican perception of those crossing the border? And in contrast, our border patrol agents are far fewer, and their uniforms and vehicles could pass for docents at Brookfield Zoo. One photo even had a caption that the Mexican border police took two American Border Patrol agents into custody (I am still researching the details on this). I didn't know that Americans pouring into Mexico, demanding civil rights and welfare was a problem for the Mexican government.

Earlier this week, there was an incident where a Mexican helicopter encroached onto US territory and began shooting at our border patrol agents. Apologies were offered all around with the excuse that our agents were in an unmarked vehicle and not immediately identifiable as agents. This is disturbing on two levels. First, it would appear that the Mexicans feel that shooting at anything on US soil is acceptable, as long as they can be sure it isn't somebody capable of shooting back, and secondly, why does the US have to make sure that our border patrol is readily recognizable to anyone from another country? For any other nation on earth, this would have been an international incident of the highest magnitude, and yet it didn't seem to get a great deal of coverage and was certainly whisked quickly out of sight, after the initial report without follow-up or investigation. What the heck was their helicopter doing in our airspace anyway?

Now, given the photographic evidence of a significant military presence on the Mexican side of the border, how are these armies of children getting through to climb those fences? And if they have such a significant presence on the border that they share with the US (who is not encroaching on their territory in vast numbers), what must security look like on their borders with Central America, where there is civil unrest, unstable governments, corruption, and powerful drug cartels? So, how are these armies of children getting past both sets of security, traversing the majority of Mexico, and arriving at our fences, relatively unscathed, in huge numbers?

As to the reason for the government field trip, I am pretty certain that upcoming mid term elections have a great deal to do with it. Somebody has finally woken to the fact that the American people are very disturbed by these images and reports. The American people are struggling under a very poor economy, and simply don't have the wherewithall to be the world's orphanage. The American people are rightfully asking why their interests as citizens are not being protected. Stories abound of cattle ranchers and farmers living along our border who have had to deal with drug traffic coming through their property. Some have experienced violence to their homes and families, arson to their buildings, theft of vehicles. And those activities are not being precipitated by a bunch of mothers who are coming to America for a safer, better home for their children.

So, the grand field trip, being touted in the news, is by way of making us, the voting public, believe that somehow the scope and nature of our border problems were not fully known to our elected officials. They are concerned enough to take time out of their busy shedule of exempting themselves from every regulation that they impose on the American people and business, to take a tour of the war zone that has become our southern border. This would be in aid of reassuring the constituents that they are on top of this issue and going to great pains to educate themselves on our behalf, when a Google search would have yielded the same result for a lot less taxpayer money. We are supposed to be so impressed with their diligence, that we cheerfully re-elect them to resolve the problem, sometime during their next term in office, yet to be announced.

What I fear is that many will be swayed by this empty gesture, voting for the same said people who have patently ignored the issue in favor of other, more socially popular quests. And while the issue has languished in the background, the problem has esclated to monsterous proportion, and perhaps greater than even the evidence available for view by rank and file Americans. Our government was capable of pinpointing individual cattle affected with Mad Cow Disease several years ago, but is incapable of giving a good estimation of the number of illegal aliens living in the US.
All you need do is to view the photos of our borders, the inconsistent and inadequate fencing which separates our country from Mexico, and the fact that our border patrol resembles mall cops compared to the military presence on the Mexican side, to see how this might be possible.

A theory has been suggested that goes well beyond the common chat. Allegations that amnesty for illegal aliens is largely motivated by politicians, who wish to ensure a large and grateful entitlement voting block for themselves have been pretty common. Not so commonly discussed is the notion that if we can flood the American system with sufficient "refugees", we can crush the life out of the American economy. The middle class will completely collapse under the costs of social programming to serve the influx, and power will truly be concentrated, but not necessarily in the hands of the 1% we are encouraged to despise. If a huge percentage of those refugees happen to be children, the American people are bullied with humanitarian arguments to accept what would be otherwise unacceptable. One of today's news items regards the story of the remains of a Guatemalan boy found outside the US border. The story was quite extensive, in that we knew the boy was traveling to meet an older relative in Chicago. We know what his family does for a living. There were pictures of his home, and even a photo of him in school at a much younger age. We were told that he had to walk 45 mintues each way to get to and from can we have all this detail about one child, who did not even make it into the United States? And yet our officials no nothing about the extent of illegal immigration, the security of our borders, the nature and origin of the children pouring into this country. How are they sure that these children are not pawns of drug cartels? The actions of our government lead to more questions than answers. So I guess we have to "Google It". Maybe our elected officials need to take a basic course in internet usage as well.

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