A Boxing Match I'd Actually Pay to See


To me its hard to believe boxing was ever a big deal in this country.  I'm too young to remember Mike Tyson in his prime, instead I only remember the crazy guy who bit Evander Holyfield's ear off.  Boxing has never sparked my interest but finally today a challenge was issued in a boxing match I would actually care to watch.

Today on the nationally syndicated Dan Patrick Show, former Notre Dame and current Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski put down a challenge to one of the biggest mouths in the NFL.  (Listen to the entire interview at the link above).

When asked by Patrick which NFL player he would most like to box, Zibby responded by saying:

"Ochocinco talks like he can box, I'd let it go for about 45 seconds...I'd let him know what a real jab feels like."

Ochoocinco responded later in the day via twitter: 

@ you wana go nite nite, you want to box me, for 1 your feet are to slow and you've no hand speed to even be competitive

As a Notre Dame fan who cares somewhere between "little" and "none" about professional boxing, I'd actually pay to watch these two go at.  As frustrating as Zbikowski was biting on play action at times, he was still amongst the most exciting players to watch in the blue and gold in the last decade.

Ochocinco does nothing but annoy the hell out of me, having a comment about everything and being a player who's never been on a team to win a playoff game.  I also may still have a sour taste in my mouth after what he did to the Irish in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl...

I'm sure the chances of this event actually happening are slim to none, even if the event was done for charity, but boy is it enjoyable to imagine the havoc the former Golden Gloves boxer could cause.

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  • Don't be too down on boxing overall. As a boxing fan, some of the greatest boxers of our era are fighting these days...boxers like Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr.(when he's fighting), Nonito Donaire, & Sergio Martinez...There's just no dominant American heavyweight and that's been bringing the sport down a bit with the general public.

    But more to your point, I would like to see Zbikowski v. Ochocinco as well.

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