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Shaq Evans to Transfer From Notre Dame

  By:  Nick Shepkowski Twitter: Shep670 7 catches for 61 yards are what the records books will show of Shaquelle Evans’ time in a Notre Dame football uniform. The sophomore to be was released from his scholarship on Tuesday and intends to transfer.  No word on his school of choice just yet but Brian Kelly... Read more »

Manny Ramirez to the Chicago White Sox!

  By: Nick Shepkowski “White Sox Get Their Manny”, “Manny of the Hour”, or “Is He Man(ny) Enough?”.  Get ready for corny headlines Monday morning in the Chicago newspapers because Manny Ramirez appears headed to the Chicago White Sox. The Sox are expected pay his remaning salary for 2010 which is around 4 million dollars,... Read more »

Cierre Wood Flying Up Notre Dame Depth Chart

  Brian Kelly has stated multpile times that the best players will play for the Fighting Irish, whether they’re freshman or fifth year seniors.  Sophomore running back Cierre Wood must have heard those comments. A year ago Wood was a freshman trying to get used to life in South Bend, coming from Oxnard, California.  Wood... Read more »