Kelly Plans on "Multiple National Championships" at Notre Dame


Can Brian Kelly win at Notre Dame?  The majority of the media would tell you that its impossible to win in South Bend anymore, that the Fighting Irish have seen their day in the sun and its long gone.  One person who doesn't believe the days of national championships for the Fighting Irish football team are done is none other than Brian Kelly.

The Notre Dame head football coach joined Bill Simonson on "The Huge Show" (click to hear entire interview) and talked about the extremely high expectations Notre Dame fans have for their team.  He was also asked whether or not he would win a national championship while at Notre Dame to which he responded, "More than one". 

I understand we're two months from seeing him coach his first game for the Fighting Irish but his entirely different demeanor from the previous administration is continuously winning points with me.  He's a positive thinker and an obvious leader but in terms of being over the top arrogant like his predecessor, he fails miserably...which is a very good thing.

Time will tell whether or not Brian Kelly and Notre Dame are actually a match made in heaven but for the time being I am sipping the kool-aid he continues to sell.

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