Notre Dame Football: Tight End Mike Ragone Arrested

According to reports, Notre Dame tight end Mike Ragone was arrested over the weekend for marijuana possession on the Indiana Toll Road.  He was pulled over while driving east at roughly mile marker 122, he was driving 83 MPH in a 70 MPH zone.


What happens in regards to Ragone's 2010 season is up in the air until Notre Dame's Res-Life can rule on the situation as they will be in charge of his future as a Notre Dame student.  Most Irish fans recall this isn't the first ND student-athlete to get caught possessing marijuana in recent memory:

December 2006 - Kyle McAlarney of the men's basketball team arrested with possession of marijuana.  As you recall, McAlarney was suspended from school for the spring semester which kept him off of the basketball court until the following season.

May 2007 - Demetrius Jones was pulled over on the Indiana Toll Road for items being thrown out of his vehicle, officers detected a marijuana smell when approaching the car.  A friend of Jones' took the blame for the marijuana being his, freeing Jones of any suspension from school or the football team.

No guesses from me on how long Ragone may be out for, according to all published reports I have come across head coach Brian Kelly is well-aware of the situation and a spokesman has made it clear the matter will be handled internally in terms of potential disciplinary actions.  Ragone and his female friend who was also in the car do both face misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana in the legal world.

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