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Catholics vs. Convicts Revisited?

Notre Dame vs. Miami, perhaps the best short lived rivalry in college football history, could be in the works to occur again but this time on a neutral field.  The teams have met 23 times but not since 1990 in South Bend.  The wait for this once great rivalry to be renewed may not be... Read more »

Notre Dame Football: Tight End Mike Ragone Arrested

According to reports, Notre Dame tight end Mike Ragone was arrested over the weekend for marijuana possession on the Indiana Toll Road.  He was pulled over while driving east at roughly mile marker 122, he was driving 83 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. What happens in regards to Ragone’s 2010 season is up in... Read more »

Notre Dame Football: Someone Thought this was a Good Idea

I guess wherever you go you will find awful promotional videos to tell you how great something is.  As some remember there was the “Appalachian State University is HOT HOT HOT” that caused a stir by many for its lack of sense-making. Well, throw Notre Dame into that department now.  I don’t know what band... Read more »