Brian Kelly: "We stink right now"

By: Nick Shepkowski and 670 The Score

Its safe to say the opening few days to spring practice have not gone the way new Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly would like.  "We stink right now" is how Kelly described his first few days of practice, no doubt things are going to have to change in his eyes.

"...we could go about 20 minutes with the negative" is how Kelly described his offense when he was asked about what the positives had been four days into spring practice.  Part of the problem may be Kelly's doing as he thinks he might be throwing too much of the offense to the team this early on.

He went on to state that Notre Dame has to get better now, they can't wait for fall practice to begin.


Dayne Crist is amongst those who Brian Kelly feels needs to step up quickly.

Dayne Crist wasn't able to escape any of the frustration as Kelly stated his footwork and read progression both must improve.  News has also been made of wide receiver Michael Floyd being asked to lose a few of his 215 pounds in order to be even more of a target in the new offense.

The good news is that its April 1st today and there is still time to improve, you do obviously hate to hear things like this at any point.  Let's just hope it doesn't come close to reaching 2007-bad.

The team takes a week long break from spring practice for the Easter holiday before resuming practice again next Wednesday.

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