Since You Hate Michigan...

By: Nick Shepkowski and 670 The Score

dead wolverine.jpg

Did two bowl-less seasons from Rich Rodriguez do her in?  Is it due to Evan Turner of Ohio State hitting forty foot buzzer-beaters to eliminate the basketball team from the Big Ten Tournament?  Or is it because the animal couldn't find a job like the rest of those in its state?

Whatever the case, there are no more actual living Wolverines in the state of Michigan.  That's right, the only known living Wolverine in the state was found dead on Saturday in Sanilac County (located in the thumb of the state, as locals say).

For as good of school as the University of Michigan is, it sure is fun to poke fun at them whenever able.  Maybe its a sign that the Wolverines run with the highest winning percentage in college football history is finally about to be overtaken in the fall.

Hope this at least made you smile...Go Irish, Beat Skunkbears (in week two).

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