Seantrel Henderson Finally a USC Trojan...

By: Nick Shepkowski and 670 The Score
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Remember Seantrel Henderson, that 6'8'', 301 lb. offensive tackle from the same high school as Michael Floyd?  Yeah, the same one that gave a verbal commitment to Lane Kiffin and USC over a month ago...

Well he's headed to Southern California officially, the announcement to come tomorrow.  I'll give you a few facts of the situation and allow you to be the judge of what made Henderson wait on signing his letter of intent to USC...

Fact 1:  Seantrel Henderson stated the day he gave his verbal commitment that he would wait on signing the letter of intent because in fear of USC being handed a strong punishment from the NCAA Infractions Committee.

Fact 2:  Seantrel Henderson was academically cleared to play at USC next year, only last last week.  Previous to this he could have signed his letter intent and not be let into the school.

Fact 3:  Just days after gaining entry into the University of Southern California, Henderson went ahead and stated he would sign his letter of intent with USC.

Fact 4:  No punishment has been handed out by the NCAA Infractions Committee and won't be for at least a few more weeks.

Seems obvious to me, but let's go on to those who must not be able to put 1 and 1 together...

Matt Hinton of Rivals/Yahoo! Sports on Monday said Henderson's move:

" a hopeful sign that the damage handed down by the NCAA's Infractions Committee won't be the crippling blow Trojans fans have feared"

Oh really, imperial wizard?

So what he is saying is that Henderson will now attend USC because he has the vibe that the punishments handed down on the University's football program won't be too harsh, right?

Not yet being eligible to attend school at USC had nothing to do with him waiting on signing with his first choice of schools I am sure (sarcasm).  Give me a break, Matt.

Seantrel and his family must have some inside information going on that the rest of us college football fans have not yet been tipped off to...that or a nice condo and convertible combination already set up by Lane Kiffin.

No longer surprises you to find out Henderson was never sent a letter of intent to sign with Notre Dame, does it?

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