Notre Dame vs. Old Dominion - Round 1 Live Blog!


1:59 PM - Got out of work, came home and here are my final thoughts on today's game:

Notre Dame held an edge in rebounds throughout the duration of the game, the only reason they held the lead for as long as they did.  The tell-all stat is 6/26.  That's the Irish from 3-point range today.  Notice how Old Dominion shot the same percentage but used half as many possessions on three point attempts.  I understand that three point shooting is a great way to attack a zone but if nobody can hit from downtown, it doesn't do a helluva lot of good.

I feel bad for Carleton Scott, he'll be remembered for missing the three at the end of regulation but he played his ass off today.  14 pts, 10 boards, a pair of blocks and assists each.  He ran the floor very well today and was the only reason the Irish led going into halftime.

I've said the following for years but I'll say it again.  A Mike Brey coached Notre Dame basketball team will never win a Big East title, they'll never make a Final Four.  His offense relys too much on the three point shot, even when shots aren't falling.  His doesn't switch up a game plan to go more towards what may be working, he lives with the three and dies with the three, get the ball inside and kick it back out for a three.  As long as his offensive philosophy stays the same, Notre Dame fans have no reason to expect any tournament run in the years to come.

1:03 PM - GET THE BALL INSIDE AND STOP SHOOTING THREE'S!!  Work the offense, 43-43 with 3:24 to go.  ODU ball with a chance to take the lead after the TV timeout...

1:00 PM - And we're tied...bad shot selection from a cold Luke Harangody, chance for ODU to take the lead here...

12:58 PM - 2nd and 3rd chance points will kill you...chance to tie things up by Frank Hassell for ODU here, would be his second of the second half.  43-42 ND, 5:56 to play...

12:54 PM - Irish getting a lot better looks on the inside of late, however unable to stretch the lead much.  Would be nice if Harangody could come alive a bit down the stretch.  Offensive foul on ODU after the TV timeout, chance to get it to 5 or 6 here...43-40 ND w/ 7 to go

12:46 PM - 2nd half is flying by.  Ben Hansbrough hits third three of the game, he has 15 points on the day, well ahead of his 11.8 average on the season.  39-35 Irish lead, 9:45 for the game.

12:43 PM - 6-2 Run for ND in the last 2:30 or so...Its not much but it was much needed in help with the drought we just went through.  36-33 Irish lead, 11:19 to go in the game

12:38 PM - What discouraging?  4 points in the last ten minutes of game action...31-30 ODU leads with 14 to play...

12:35 PM - 2 Turnovers in the half's first 4 minutes...that matches ND's point total for the half.  30-29 ND leads with 15:58 to play.

12:31 PM - Far from a good start for ND here in the second half, 3 minutes in and they've
scored two points...3:30 ago.  This is going in ODU's pace - 30-29 ND but momentum is swinging...

12:15 PM - Biggest halftime stat differential: ND 21-14 lead in boards.  Other note - Robert Morris leading Villanova by 10!

12:05 PM - Solid halftime, weak offensive finish.  Irish go scoreless from 4:43 mark to 0:19 mark but lead at intermission, 28-22.

11:58 AM - 17 to 11 edge in boards for ND, 4/10 from 3pt rg compared to 0/6 for ODU...26-17 with 3:30 to go in the half

11:53 AM - Carleton Scott has 7 pts, 4 rbs, and a block.  Great start for the forward so far.

11:50 AM - 13 Minutes in Irish are controlling the boards, 15-10...ND 20-15 leads on the scoreboard

11:45 AM - Harangody a couple of quick fouls, he'll sit for the majority of the remainder of the half.  Quick 7-0 run by ODU after the Irish had stretched the lead to 9...ND 15 ODU 13 - 8:00 to go in the 1st

11:37 AM - Great put back by Carleton Scott after a missed three by Ben Hansbrough (it'll be on SportsCenters top 10 plays), nice run by the Irish...5 offensive boards already to ODU's 2.  ND 12  ODU 6  11:57 1st half

11:34 AM - First Luke Harangody sighting of the day, pulls down a board...6-5 ODU - 5 minutes in

11:31 AM - Glad to see that late arriving crowd still hasn't arrived.  Both teams struggling from beyond the arc early


11:20 AM - The tourney tips off with Florida and BYU doing battle while Brian Hamilton of the Tribune tweets that the New Orleans Arena sits pretty much empty...

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