Mike Holmgren Dislikes Jimmy Clausen/Golden Tate News

we know one place Notre Dame product Jimmy Clausen will not be heading
to start his NFL career off as Mike Holmgren, President of the Titanic
known as the Cleveland Browns said today that he will not draft Jimmy
Clausen in the upcoming NFL Draft.

"You know how you have a type
of player that you like? It's not scientific.  People like him a lot. 
He'll go high," said Holmgren.  "But it would be hard for me [to take

That is what Holmgren had to say today, you can find an article on the situation at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

am missing where these leadership questions with Jimmy Clausen come
into play.  You hear positives from his former coaches and teammates
and I feel his best example of leadership comes in comeback victories
against Michigan State and Purdue in consecutive weeks this passed year
where he came back into the game after being hurt.

His efforts
on the field speak more to me than what he may say in an interview. 
Once again, I don't care one bit about his drinking habits off the
field that have been much publicized.  Plenty of NFL players have fine
success despite liking to booze or put other toxins into their bodies.

Walrus.  So you won't take Jimmy Clausen with your first round pick and
will only take a quarterback late in the draft.  Enjoy that Jake
Delhomme/Seneca Wallace thing, let me know how it works out for you 3
weeks into the 2010 season.

In other news it sounds like we'll be able to keep track of Golden Tate during this years NFL Draft:


Can't really imagine what else he could be talking about, unable to find a story just yet about this though...

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