Jimmy Clausen/Tim Tebow Struggle on Wonderlic Test

By: Nick Shepkowski
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A lot of things go into the NFL Draft.  How does one interview, how does a certain player rank compared to his peers in the standing long jump, and how fast can one run 40 yards in?  All are common questions we hear a lot about around this time of year, one we don't always hear much on is the wonderlic test scores.

The wonderlic test is a 50 question test in which the draft prospects have 12 minutes to answer as many questions correctly as possible.  You may remember news being made of Vince Young having an extremely low score, the same was also said of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino who scored what is believed to be a 13.

The test results are in and Jimmy Clausen was far from impressive, scoring a 23 or 46%.  Further research finds the average score for a quarterback is 24 and the average score overall is a 20.  Former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow scored a 22.  Seriously?!!?!?

Ever wonder what you would score on a wonderlic test?  Take the sample exam right here.

Does it mean a whole lot at the end of the day when deciding if one will be great in the NFL?  I sure as hell don't
think so (see Dan Marino scoring a 13 as my defense).  I am just confused after taking the sample test above how one doesn't get above a 30 with minimal effort.

...Not to brag or anything but I scored a 13/15 on this sample which works itself out to be a score of just over 43 and I'm sure your score wasn't far off...

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  • good stuff as always shep

  • I just *yesterday* took the Wonderlic for a pre-employment screen at a bank. While the test you took is a VERY accurate representation of the questions on the test (seriously, several of them are word for word), taking it is not a good representation of what you would score on the real test. There are 50 questions and you only have 12 minutes to complete them. Sounds easy enough, but there are some math questions on there that you have to skip because it would take a minute or two to figure them out. And even then, you don't get finished. I scored 40, and the bank requires a 21 to get hired.

    So, having said all that, yes I believe getting a 24 is more than achievable. However, for people that don't like to take tests (and come on, we are talking about jocks here), it can be difficult. I wouldn't knock Tebow and Clausen for their scores - they basically finished about average for quarterbacks. I don't think there is any shame in that. Clausen's hair? Much more shame there.

  • Also, the questions do get more difficult as the test goes on. It even says that at the beginning of the test. These are a good representation of the beginning of the test - those are some of the easier questions.

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