Jimmy Clausen is not a Leader...HOLD UP!!

By: Nick Shepkowski
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Former Notre Dame quarterback and projected first round NFL Draft pick Jimmy Clausen chose not to throw at the NFL Combine.  Instead, he was interviewed left and right, struggled on the wonderlic test, and rumors speculated that he didn't have the "leadership" that NFL scouts are looking for.

Lets try and figure out where Jimmy is lacking in leadership compared to other former first round NFL quarterbacks.  We'll keep it to them since the QB is seen as the leader of an entire offense...

People look to Jimmy Clausen's underage drinking incident (above) as well as getting hit in the face outside a bar in South Bend late one night after the Irish lost to UConn in their final home game of the 2009 season.  I understand people will point to him for not making the wisest of decisions off the field but in comparison to what some successful NFL quarterbacks have done, its far from uncharted waters.

When I look for leadership I look for a guy who wants to not only make himself better but those around him better.  I look for a guy who wants to win more than anything, I look for a guy has been in and handeled pressure in his career before.  To me Jimmy Clausen leading comebacks and keeping the Irish in several games their defense disappointed them in last year shows me his leadership as a football player, not his decision to drink under the age of 21 like the vast majority of collegiate athletes do.

If others have had run-ins with alcohol then why should Jimmy Clausen be treated any differently than those that came before him?  I look to him coming back in after injury in the Michigan State and Purdue games to lead the Irish to victory for leadership, not for a couple pictures of him having a good time in college.

In the meantime, enjoy the photo gallery of other NFL quarterbacks who have been seen having their fair share of fun over the past few years...

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