In case you haven’t noticed, Burberry Michigan Avenue’s facelift is almost complete. Unlike a traditional hush-hush nip and tuck procedure, poor Burberry’s painful transition has been on display to the whole of Michigan Avenue. Luckily, the surgery was a success, and a new Burberry has emerged, handsomer than anyone could have predicted. Burberry is the new architectural star of the Avenue, and the Apple store is pissed. Or, it should be. If the Avenue were a grandmother, Burberry would be the subject of a grander brag book than that of any other grandchild. Rightfully so; Burberry is a beaut.

In other Burberry news, the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013
show walked to great critical acclaim in London. Say what you will about PVC, but in this synthetic-heavy collection, it looked more chic than cheesy. If there is one mass-market takeaway from this show, it is sure to be the (for lack of a better term) mini-capes. I see a great opportunity for versatility in these littles, which would look just as proper worn for tea at the Drake as if
worn for an afternoon at the dog park. It’s the perfect bit of instant chic—the thing you put on that completely transforms a bland outfit. Plus, I love an exaggerated shoulder.

If you thought the ombre trend had gone the way of the
dinosaurs, you’d be wrong. Burberry debuted several bright ombre trenches, so saturated in hue that you’d swear they oozed color from their every miniscule pore.

Another trend you may have discarded? Color blocking.
Burberry featured lots of it, typically in bright jewel tones. Alas, even a peplum in look 35! Leave it to Burberry to make sure each trend has a nice, long life.

Lastly but not least-ly, let me address the styling. The
main accessory sported by each model was unmistakable attitude—a bit of British snobbery. The styling was basic: red lip, muss-free hair & sunglasses (in most cases). Very Brit. Very Victoria Beckham-styled-by-Johnny-Wujek. Ha! Made myself laugh with that one.


Click through the slideshow for the Best of Burberry: Spring


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