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This is my first blog entry, so do allow me to wax poetic  about style for a moment.

I have always felt that style, at its very best, is about being uncommon. It is difficult to describe exactly what style looks like before the word is applied to a person, because style has so much to do with the disposition of the wearer.  Once applied, however, style is unmistakable.

This is not a blog made to recognize persons who are merely fashionable. Where is the fun, the risk in such a costume? Style necessitates both elements. Fashion does not. You may simply copy every runway look and be declared fashionable, but never stylish.  Diana Vreeland may have revealed the divide between style and fashion best when asked, “Do designers dictate hemlines?”

Her response? “Only if you take dictation.”

Stylish people, to me, exist outside the realm of dictation and even self-consciousness. I have something of a fascination with uncommon,
beautiful things—and this absolutely self-assured carriage is precisely what I think is so beautiful to capture photographically. This type of ensemble and this type of person is worth celebrating—and is certainly worthy of recognition.  This is a large part of what Uncommon Style will be about: capturing Chicagoans who possess an extraordinarily singular sense of style.

In addition to profiling stylish Chicagoans, I will share with you some things which you, stylish person that you are, may enjoy. I’m not putting any sort of limitations on myself with this blog—it will be what it will be! Enjoy.

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