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The Cubs Win and Reality Strikes

I admit to being a lifelong Cubs fan. As a native North Sider how could I not be a Cubs fan. Like so many, I grew up going to the Friendly Confines back when Ernie Banks, Mr Cub himself coined that phrase. My mother would take my brother and I on the Addison bus, packing... Read more »

I Dream of Afghanistan

I dream of going to Afghanistan. I’m fascinated with history and in particular with places that have seen much of it. But I’m not interested in the history of that ancient and storied land. Or, not all of the history. There is just one moment in the long ribbon of time that calls to me... Read more »

What Did V-E Day Feel Like?

Victory in Europe! Nazis Surrender! The War In Europe Is Over! Surrender is Unconditional!   These are just a few of the headlines Americans and the world woke up to 69 years ago today. The aggressor that threatened to take control of Western Civilization for the next thousand years had been defeated. The surrender was... Read more »

Obama Apology Letter to Afghan People

This misleading headline has been quickly denounced as false by Susan Rice, Obama’s national security advisor. “No such letter has been drafted or delivered. There is not a need for the United States to apologize to Afghanistan,” was the statement she made on CNN’s “Situation Room”. She further stated she does not know where these... Read more »

Karzai Blames US For Afghan Insecurities

There should be no surprise that Afghan President Hamid Karzai blames the US for the ongoing insecurity in his country. What is a surprise is how this is being reported in this country. Actually, I’m more sickened than surprised. There are too many examples to cite all of them, so I’ll just use the one quote... Read more »

Red Fridays - Just Another Patrol

Red Fridays - Just Another Patrol
It’s a typical day, a typical patrol, November 1st, 2010 outside a little village called Sanjaray. Make a loop through town, let the locals know we are here, guarding the school we rebuilt after the Taliban blew it up, of course while it was occupied. But, it was only girls, so as far as they... Read more »

Red Fridays-Blue on Green Violence

Red Fridays-Blue on Green Violence
Among the latest headlines, there is talk about the bold, extreme and drastic changes in how U.S. and Allied Forces in Afghanistan are  recruiting, vetting and training Afghan Police in light of a rash of  ‘green-on-blue’ attacks. The truth is the changes, where they are actually  happening are not a matter of political and military... Read more »
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