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That Was My Dad

This is the 28th Father’s Day without my Dad. Everyone says I look like my mother, but with red hair instead of blonde, and lots more freckles. My brother and my son are clones of my father, so much so that my son, as a PFC in the Army was the spitting image of a... Read more »

Should NFL Players Be Fired?

Should NFL Players Be Fired?
There can be no doubt of my patriotism, respect for our flag, our military, our veterans, First Responders and good ol’ American apple pie. Naturally, many have assumed that I am up in arms over some NFL players, and now entire teams, choosing to take a knee rather than stand in respect of our flag... Read more »

Chelsea Manning Pardon is a Gift to Trump

Chelsea Manning Pardon is a Gift to Trump
Chelsea Manning, current resident of Leavenworth and latest pardon recipient of President Obama should not exist to be pardoned. Actually it isn’t a pardon, just a commutation of the sentence and Chelsea Manning is due to be set free in May of 2017. Seven years imprisonment for a traitor who violated national security and put... Read more »

The Cubs Win and Reality Strikes

I admit to being a lifelong Cubs fan. As a native North Sider how could I not be a Cubs fan. Like so many, I grew up going to the Friendly Confines back when Ernie Banks, Mr Cub himself coined that phrase. My mother would take my brother and I on the Addison bus, packing... Read more »

Grief Changes Your Address Book

Grief changes your address book. There are welcome additions and equally welcome deletions. All of us who have found each other on this path we’d rather not walk know this to be true. All of us know a few other things, too. This grief is all bout us. We don’t want pity but being understood... Read more »

Gold Star Father Khizr Khan, It Was Not Your Sacrifice

Gold Star Father Khizr Khan, It Was Not Your Sacrifice
Mr. and Mrs. Khan appeared at the Democrat National Convention, with Mr. Khan speaking about his sacrifice. You see, Mr. and Mrs. Khan are Gold Star Parents. Their son, US Army Captain Humayun Khan was KIA in the war on terror. Sounds like a moving moment. The emotions Mr. Khan’s speech engendered in so very... Read more »

Roads Less Traveled and Following Drums

This is another installment in the ChicagoNow Blogapalooz-Hour. As always, we receive a topic at 9:00pm, and the challenge to write about it, clean it up and publish in one hour. Tonight’s topic is “Write about a time you followed the road less traveled and it made all the difference.” “Two roads diverged in a... Read more »

Beauty in Death

This is another in the series, “Blogapalooza”. The rules are simple, at exactly 9:00pm on a predetermined date, a topic is announced. Tonight’s challenge is, “Write about something you find beautiful that you feel others may not understand”. Something sad and wonderful, tragic and beautiful happened. To many, the words wonderful and beautiful being associated... Read more »

Endless War by Robie Odonnell

Every now and then, something happens that just can’t be explained by anything other than fate. For the past few months I’ve been working in the real world on several different military and veteran initiatives, many of which center on getting the message of our veterans out to the civilian world. A lot of those... Read more »

Blogapalooza Hour: Tomorrow

Once again, I’m participating in ChicagoNow’s Blogapalooza. Our instructions were simple –  Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to publish a post in one hour. Here is tonight’s challenge: “Write about your tomorrow. Not figuratively, literally write about anything that you hope, fear, believe, expect — anything — that you may experience... Read more »
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