You Hate Trump

You Hate Trump
Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

I get it. You hate Trump and all you believe he stands for. You even let that hate seep over onto those you deem to be his supporters. Guess what? Lots of people don't "support Trump", they support America defined as the opposite of Soleimani and all he represented. But we’ll get back to that.

You hate Trump because you believe him to be anti-Semitic? Is there a regime more anti-Semitic than Iran?

You hate Trump because you believe he is anti-LGBTQ?
Is there a regime more anti-LGBTQ than Iran?

You hate Trump because you believe he is a misogynist?
Is there a regime more anti-Women's rights than Iran?

You hate Trump because you believe he hates you, whoever and whatever you are?
I promise you, Iran, Soleimani, and all those who have bastardized Islam hate you more. You, as a LGBTQ person, as a woman - particularly if you are a visible, vocal woman - would be the first to be executed by these murderous thugs.

I get it, you hate Trump. Stop letting your hatred for Trump blind you to those who really want to do you harm. Do you really think if you stand up and virtue signal that you don't support Trump, you'd be spared? That they'd let you continue to live your special, privileged life? That they wouldn't murder you in a particularly viscous, high-profile way to send a message to everyone else in "your" community?

Let's flip the switch and say yes, you would be spared. Because you've been a keyboard warrior espousing your rejection of Trump, or a Hollywood elite, or a talking bobblehead on the news, or a duly elected member of the Democrat party and have spent every moment of the past three-plus years doing all you can to remove Trump from office. they would then spare your life.

Are you okay with the deaths, gruesome and horrific deaths, of your fellow Americans because they express different political affiliations? Or because they don’t agree with your assessment of Trump’s motivations and feelings about Jews, minorities, LGBTQ or women? Okay, you don’t want them to literally die, you just want to somehow strip them of their ostensible privilege, so they can experience the pain you believe they – and those that think, look or act like them - are historically responsible for inflicting on others.

This is what it comes down to, folks. I get it. You hate Trump. Orange Man Bad. Stop and think for a minute what your anonymous – or even not so anonymous – rhetoric looks like in the real world, with real world consequences. To help you visualize this, lets put it all in historical context with current consequences.

Iran is our enemy. Long before the first Gulf War, Iran was our enemy. If you want to try to justify their hatred of us as the natural consequence of the US support of the Shah fifty years ago, you’re not going far enough back in history. And you don’t really know what happened back then, why what happened did, and how those historical events have shaped the future in which we currently live.

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