Naked Twister Mom Blames Ex-Husband’s PTSD

In the military and veteran communities there is a new game. It’s called, “How long til it becomes the fault of PTSD?” Anyone can play, but the winners are always the media and the losers are always our military and veterans and the general public at large.

When the story is about a mom drinking, smoking pot and demonstrating sex toys with a bunch of teenagers, it seemed as if finally there is a bizarre incident that could not be blamed on PTSD. Then there it is. That PTSD is dangerous stuff. You don’t even have to have it for it to be responsible for your bad behavior.

By now everyone has heard about this. “Naked Twister Mom” is actually trending. What you may not have heard is this Mormon mom would never have done this except for the fact that she has a problem with drinking. And that problem is because her soon to be ex-husband came home from war with the PTSD.

The reason we know anything about this entire sick episode is because the mom confessed it to her AA sponsor. Waking in the midst of coitus with her daughter’s sixteen year old boyfriend was her proverbial as well as literal wake up. Her sponsor then reported the incident to the police. So while it seems mom realized the error of her ways and took steps to address her problems, she shifts ultimate responsibility for her decline into alcohol and sex addiction on the PTSD. Because, according to this otherwise good Mormon mom, she would never have taken that first drink if not for the PTSD crazed soon to be ex-husband.

For now the main focus of this story is, beyond the salacious details too many can’t seem to get enough of, what does that second letter A stand for in AA? Obviously, not Anonymous. My money is on three days before some empty talking head manages to work the words veteran and PTSD into the lead. It’s not hard to do, as evidenced by the headline above.

Normally I don't write things like this simply because I don't want to further tangle the interweb with inaccurate, false and down right ridiculous associations with what PTSD is and is not. Normally, I'm sitting quietly fuming as the talking heads spout nonsense about PTSD and equate every veteran - and every veteran's family member - with every horrific and sick crime. Normally, once the specious association has been made, I'm sitting not so quietly fuming. This time, I decided to get out in front of it.

Maybe this is all a good thing. Maybe the general public will hear this woman’s almost acceptance of responsibility for her actions and balk. Maybe people will start to question what is and is not PTSD. And maybe someone will find out what that second A in AA does stand for since it is obviously not Anonymous. Maybe.

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