10 Reasons I Hate Top Ten Lists

10 Hottest Celebrities! 10 Things You Should Always Do! 10 Things You Should Never Wear! Here's to hoping Top Ten Lists go the way of the Pet Rock, then we can all look back and laugh at how we were taken in by the hype; slightly embarrassed we took part but shrug it off as part of a cultural fad we've thankfully outgrown.

10 – These listings, reasons, explanations or advice is 'Top Ten' according to whom? Generally, the answer is someone trying to sell something. Whether it is copies of a magazine, clicks on a website or merely to show their opinion is superior to yours, the point of 'lists’ is sales.

9 – We all want as much information as quickly as possible. Let’s face it, everyone is busy, our lives are chock full, and each of us is always looking for ways to carve more minutes out of the day. But, seriously, how much in depth, real information can you possibly get from a ten-point list? Doing a Google search and scanning the titles of the results is just as or even more informative.

8 – Top ten lists were popularized by David Letterman. And I hate David Letterman.

7 – I refuse to believe that the American public is as shallow as those who sit around thinking up these kinds of lists seem to think.

6 – Continuing on that theme, I will not contribute to the dumbing down of America.

5 – The only way to make my point is to violate my own rule and create a stupid list.

4 – I feel dumber already for writing this.

3 – If something is of interest to me, or worthy of interest to the average thinking person, a ten-point list cannot possibly contain enough in depth information. On the few occasions I’ve succumbed to the temptation, I invariably come away feeling there are minutes of my life I cannot get back.

2 – Lists are the crib notes of life. They are the cheaters way to success for writers and for readers. You can get just enough information to sound informed during cocktail party small talk, but it is superficial, meaningless and ultimately empty.

1- There are very few things in life so simplistic that they can be reduced to a ten point list. One is lists of funniest jokes. I’m also making an exception for the 10 Commandments.

11 – Most lists are concerned with pop-culture, Hollywood and celebrities. I do not want to know anything about the personal lives or opinions of actors, actresses, singers, musicians or even sports figures. I too often find out something about them that makes them unwatchable, spoiling my ability to enjoy the escapism their profession would normally provide. I really like the expression ‘shut up and sing’.

I can’t even do a proper ten point list. Unless it is the kind that reminds me what I need to do. Those lists I can't live without.

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