Ukrainian Chicago Celebrates Christmas Twice

Ukrainian Chicago Celebrates Christmas Twice
Ukrainian vertep - a traditional Christmas theater

Ukrainian Eastern Catholics and Orthodox Christians follow the Julian calendar, also referred to as the "old style- versus the Gregorian calendar or the "new style" .

There is a 13-day difference between the two. Therefore, Ukrainians who live in the U.S. are lucky to celebrate Christmas twice - on December 25th and on January 7th. It is worth mentioning, however, that in civil life Ukrainians of all religions do follow the Gregorian calendar.

Today, thousands of Ukrainians in Chicago are rejoicing with their families and friends. Divine liturgies are being served in numerous Ukrainian churches and parishes throughout Chicagoland. This is the time of true traditional values and joy.

People will enjoy the performances by traditional Ukrainian Christmas theaters (vertep) and the holiday spirit will be spread from home to home by strolling door to door carolers. The only minor drawback this year though is the absence of snow.

Merry Christmas to Ukrainian Chicago!

Photo: Iwan Norbert

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  • Just so you know, We only celebrate Christmas once. On January 7th. Get your facts strait boss before you publish something that pull out of your behind.

  • In reply to kucz:

    You're free to celebrate as many times as you wish. Merry Christmas!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to kucz:

    That's funny because ALL Eastern Churches, according to the liturgical calendar celebrate Christmas on December 25th. The question is where December 25th falls in the civic calendar.
    Check your facts next time.

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