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A new era for twins

A new era for twins
Sam’s first day in Washington, D.C. was slightly hectic. First, were late to our tour of the Capitol (thanks to me). Later that day, we had tickets for the Nationals game. In classic Allison form, I ended up sprinting to my housing office with two minutes to spare to print our tickets. And of course, we... Read more »

A Memorial Day spent in Afghanistan

By Sgt. Samantha Prang This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend—a time to honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. Many things happen over a typical Memorial Day weekend every year: pool season begins, sports games will be played, barbeques are held, and the like. Being in Afghanistan didn’t... Read more »

On college and mental health

Earlier this year, a subject was raised in one of my classes for our small group of students to discuss. Mental health in the workplace. Our professor talked to us about trying to manage your own mental well-being while working in journalism. During the discussion, one of the students in the class boldly volunteered that... Read more »

We don't fit the classic idea of 'twins' and don't need to

Anyone who’s ever watched something that stars the Olsen twins, or the “Sister, Sister” show, or anything in the media twin-related for that matter, has an idea of what twin sisters should be like. And growing up, I had those ideas, too. When Sam and I were little, we didn’t really pal around together. Sure,... Read more »

A Christmas without Sam

A Christmas without Sam
Like a lot of people, I came home to the Chicago area this holiday season to a house decorated with Christmas decor. There were lights outside our house wrapped around bushes and strung on the garland on the porch, a glowing snowman sat on the front lawn, a fun-filled Christmas tree stood in the living... Read more »

To be a part of lives lost

By Samantha Prang I didn’t really know what to expect when I deployed to Afghanistan. It was something that was completely out of my comfort zone. I knew it was a possibility when I enlisted. We had been in this war for over 10 years and the site of us leaving wasn’t in the picture... Read more »

Men are engineered for "girl talk"

If you’ve watched “Sex and the City” even once, you know exactly what I’m talking about already. I’m talking about the four glossy women who spend the majority of their time going out to lunch where they each pay $20 for a salad and drink something low in calories while dressed in New York’s most... Read more »

So you're a Chicago pizza snob?

A while ago, my friends had heard about a restaurant in Columbia, Mo., that served “Chicago-style deep-dish pizza” and wanted to take me to try it. Needless to say, I was skeptical. If you’re from Chicago, you know that Giordano’s and LouMalnati’s can’t exactly be imitated, now can they? Oh, and this “pizza” as it... Read more »

The college summers we remember fondly

The college summers we remember fondly
I wasn’t proud of this moment, but it was something I couldn’t help but laugh at. I was sitting at the kitchen counter of my aunt’s apartment in Kansas, where I was crashing while I was a summer reporting intern in Kansas City. She had just left for her new job halfway across the country,... Read more »

A mother's words on her soldier's deployment

By Lori Prang As a mother, you expect moments where your child begins tomove away from you slowly; the first day of kindergarten, the first sleepover, and the first day of college. But you can never really prepare yourself for your child going off to war. It was one of the most emotional weeks in... Read more »
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    Allison Prang

    Allison is a student at the Missouri School of Journalism, specializing in watchdog journalism and political science. She is a contributor for The Mash by The Chicago Tribune, the City, a senior staff writer for The Maneater, MU's student newspaper and works part-time at Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. In her free time, she loves to run, read, nurse her caffeine addiction and obsess over Bob Woodward's latest best-sellers.

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